How To Read Your Energy Field

Sometimes you lose faith in life’s process. You wish things were different. When you feel this way, you could reboot your affirmations. Affirmations can be confirming reflective prayers about what you know to be true for your life. That’s a good thing.

But the horror of misguided affirmations is that you can enter into the endless maze of wishful thinking, trying to manifest this or that. Wishful thinking is often based on what other people are doing and saying outside of yourself. Your best bet is to guide yourself with a true inner compass.

Speak your words out loud. That way your body’s nervous system integrates the positive impact of your words in your physical body. Keeping affirmations in your head is not the best way to move your world.

But, I digress. This blog is not about affirmations per se. It is about being able to read what is coming in and out of your field. Nonetheless, what you think and say to yourself, out loud or in the silence of your heart and mind is heard by your body and Spirit. And your energy field reflects it.

Self-doubt and confusion as to why life hasn’t shown up the way you’d like it to can rattle your mind and nervous system. Yet, there’s no need to live that way.

Simply fire up your intuitive system and mindfully enter into your own energy field where you can access and then discern the information you need.

As a medical intuitive, I spend a significant amount of time comparing and contrasting what’s going on within someone’s body and their energy field.

Everything from babies, books, relationships, diseases, events, ideas, hopes, and healing exist here. The dynamics of life are constantly moving in and out of your field.

The person’s affirming and non-affirming thoughts are in the field. It’s all there; some thoughts are relevant in the moment. Some thoughts sit in a disquieting silence. Until….

The ability to connect and access information in your energy field is imperative. It will allow you to understand what is coming into your life, what is building, or perhaps what is leaving and out molded. All of which allows you to choose where you put your time and soul-inspired efforts.

I have heard many people say that they cannot read their own energy field. Those who believe this myth, often use this false narrative, “You can’t read your energy field just like a surgeon cannot operate on their own body.” For those of you who have heard or believe that statement, well, it’s simply not true.

If you don’t learn to connect with your own energy field and its tangential systems, seen and unseen, how can you possibly know what’s coming or going?

You’re in charge of your life and all things accordingly, including: what you’re thinking; what you’re saying to yourself and others; and the actions you take to create your real life. Not a life that reflects the status quo.

“Enlightenment is not found within the shallow fields of the status quo.

For when you stand at the rim of your own ego, and face the attendant chaos,

you will illuminate your soul.”

(Circa 1999. In the midst of my own chaotic, Spirit-driven change, I heard this phrase arise within my mind during a 3 am meditation. It is truth.)

Years ago, I gave a lecture in Arizona. There were about 300 people in the audience. I asked this holistic and spiritually-oriented group if anyone ever bothered to intuitively access the information residing in back of their energy field? Hardly anyone raised their hand. Most people chuckled, as it hadn’t dawned on them to do so.

We physically see forward. We look at that which is in front of us. Because of this, we often forget about the powerful energetic dynamics that are happening behind our body’s energy field.

Catalytic energy circumambulates our entire physical body.

The ability to read your own energy field will save you time, hassles, and could even save your life. Beyond the practical side of life, it will organically move you toward a greater connection with your soul, which is working through you.

This week … I created an audio that will guide you through an experience of discerning your energy field. This is the second audio in a series of three to help you discover the structure and style of your intuitive system and connect more deeply with yourself.

Keep in mind, the structures, colors, or information that you may intuitively discover in your field are in a dynamic state and not static. Change in your field is fast and constant.

With practice, your mind reveals the true nature of your interconnectedness. The organic integration of soul and you — the “what” and “who” of you. In time, your truth is revealed and your soul becomes unfettered.

Your ability to cultivate evenness of mind and intuitive discernment is critical. People spend years wishing for this or that, and what is “for them” is right there in their field. Right there in their heart; often ignored and silenced by status quo wishful thinking.

Be reasonable as you step into this practice. Running through this short audio 1 or 2 or even 10 times is not designed to launch your intuitive skills to grand heights. It will help you grow and discover this organic phenomenal part of yourself. Your intuitive system —the pipeline through which the voice of your body and soul deliver information.

Mastery in any field takes time, dedication, and discipline. It takes humility and a sturdy and opened mind and heart.

Have fun with the fact that you have an amazing intuitive system, capable of providing information for your life or any challenge in which you seem to find yourself in the moment.

Trust yourself. Without trust in your natural skills of intuition, the miracles of your life could go unnoticed. Miracles are all around you — energetically and literally. All of the time. That, in and of itself, is miraculous.


Discovering Your Soul-Inspired Life

There is so much noise out there regarding who you should be and how to get there.

I say let’s clear the decks and look at this soulful inquiry in a different way. You can approach investigations, inquiry, and life’s questions in a transactional manner. The way you’re taught in school — who, what, when, where and why.


Let’s take it up a notch to the transcendent level of mind, as opposed to the transactional.

Let’s approach this from an intuitive intelligence point of view, which responds more readily and accurately to the interrogative prompt “what.”

When you begin an inquiry with “what”, something different happens.

The truest of the truth will begin to open gateways. In its own time. Not yours. Your job is to show up and be present. When the invitation arrives, you will have the opportunity to align to that truth of you — of soul, Spirit, and God.

You may or may not receive the steps you feel you need to take. You may or may not be swept over by grace in that moment. But a footprint of the divine will remain in your heart. You will have footsteps on the path to which you can follow to reenter into grace once again.

What you will have done is become humbled by the mere glimpse of the infinite power that is in you, around you and over you.

Your big WHAT will answer you.

Let me explain.

Firstly, you’re a “WHAT” not a “WHO.” I’ve written and spoken about this for decades; and it always bears repeating. You are a soul, eternal mind consciousness, and quintessence.

You are, first and foremost, a WHAT.

The soul of what you are is the absolute of you. The part of you that knows WHO you are to be in this world regarding — personality, talents, work in the world, gifts, patterns, location, tasks, people, pains, powers, joys, perceptions, impulses, etc.

HOW you do it all, depends on your willingness and/or willfulness.

As I’ve said for years, asking, seeking, and poking at life using the word “why” is like wh(y)ining to the Universe.  You’re simply not going to get a clear answer. Your internal search typically ends up in a circuitous spiral of frustration.

Ask any 6 year old, “Why did you do that?” You’ll get the ubiquitous shrug. Thirty, Forty and Sixty-year olds can shrug just as elegantly; especially, when they are searching for life’s directional golden nuggets, and using “why” as their calling card to the divine.

Feeling stuck? Ask, “What am I here to contribute?” The flood gates might open.

Secondly, your infinite nature is birthed from the infinite nature of the cosmos, seen and unseen. To be connected to both aspects of yourself, your body and soul, your finite and infinite, is the goal of this life.

Connect in that way and let your soul work through you. That is an extraordinarily divine and practical position to hold, once you build the bridge of understanding between these integrated worlds.

Take the time in silence, meditation, and prayer to invite in the WHAT of you, your deepest unfettered essence. You’ll discover your answers; and the courage to do what is being asked of you.

I trust you’ll enjoy the Guided Meditation included in this week’s blog. It is the first in a series of three audios that are intended to help you rediscover these aspects of yourself and to become more comfortable and at ease.

An essential activity in your life is to be at ease with What and Who you are, along with the understanding of your co-creative power.

Lastly, have you ever looked in the mirror and said to yourself, “What are you doing?” I bet you received a subtle, neutral, and accurate answer right away.

We organically ask “what” in tense situations because there is a part of us that knows when we connect to What we are, the questions are answered. Whether we act on them or not, is another issue.

As I always say, “Life is a working vacation for the soul.”


How To Transform The Energy of Anger

Life isn’t always easy. Frustration and anger are a part of being human. When anger bellows and its energy ripples through you, what happens to your body? How do you react/respond?

Yell? Complain? Pout? Bolt? Or worse … chirp, “Oh, it’s okay?”

When you’re upset, frustrated, or angry do you spend money, in that “I’ll show them” kind of way? Eat, drink, and be not-so-merry? Pick on someone less than your own size or anyone who might be within range?

Whatever your frustration and anger style, if you feel guilty after being angry, take a look at that too.

(As an aside, the words “guilt” and “guillotine” are right next to each other in the dictionary. I’m just saying.)

Are you afraid of healthy adult anger, when it’s justified?

Do you give people enough time and space to correct the situation or do you run head first at them? Did someone intentionally hurt you; or is it a situation that’s just a part of the odd and crusty movements of life?

To get to a resolution, you must seek and consider the tap root from which your anger comes.

When you’re on a spiritual path it’s easy to forget that not everybody else is. Yet, it’s not a mono world. Many are not curious or growing in the direction in which you may have chosen to grow. That doesn’t make them wrong. Their direction makes it their life, not yours.

“Life doesn’t guarantee agreement. It does guarantee movement, one way or another.”

Take a look at your anger style and, perhaps, try a different way. Like the audio below.

Try not to go the “holier than thou” way. Souls don’t know how to show off.

If you’re not skilled at turning the other cheek, any disingenuous attempt to do so may bite you in the tukus.

Faking being cool when you’re hot under the collar can drive your upset deeper into your body. Negative energy birthed from those thoughts gets packed away in your body. Not a good idea.

Address issues straight on with facts. Why facts? Because most disagreements, occur and get solved on the binary or transactional levels of life’s interactions. Of course they can be saturated with emotions, making the situation bigger, nastier, and more hurtful.

Some version of, “This is mine, not yours”, or “I’m right, you’re wrong”, are the generalized battle cries of anger within life’s contexts.

If you have facts, you have a good chance of resolving the issue. If it’s an opinionated or belief-based situation, hold your ground with openness to potentially learn something new from the other side. Trust yourself; and remain intuitively open to hear what really going on… within you and the other person.

If that is impossible for you or them to agree, bow and exit stage right or left. (That statement is not intended to infer political leanings, but certainly can.)

Below are reasonable, self-aware, and respectful ideas to deal with your anger in the moment.

  • First and foremost, breathe, low and deep into your body.
  • If it’s obvious or you intuitively feel at risk, leave the situation. Get the heck out of the way.
  • After an issue has occurred — you’ve read an email, had a phone call, or face-to-face conversation (altercation) — get out into nature and move your body. Shift the energy and your mind. Nature will reset your torqued primal nature, moving you away from anger and into greater clarity and calm. Bird’s songs can shift the nervous system from fight/flight/freeze into a calmer mode in as little as 15 minutes.
  • If you’re inside a building and can’t get outside in the moment, look out the window. Breathe in and out. Visually find the farthest point of focus away from where you are. A long-range vista will shift the brain and nervous system too. Perspective changes everything.
  • Check in with your body to feel where the internal pot is boiling. Belly? Throat? Forehead? Chest? Lower back? Breathe in and take your mind into that area. Exhale out the energy of frustration. Listen to the language your body is pouting, touting, or shouting. What do you hear? Write it down. Act on what is factual, healing, and necessary for you in the moment.

After you’ve calmed down, step back, and ask yourself three things:

  1. Can I correct the situation in this moment? If not, breathe and keep moving on with your day. The solution will arise in time.
  2. Did I have a role in creating this experience? If so, what needs to rebalance in me?
  3. Do I have a general issue of self-trust or trusting others that may be voiced in this moment of anger?

Look, we all get ticked off. But if anger is rolling through your life more than ever before, you need to step back and take a break. Take some time off. Get into yourself, by yourself, or with a therapist or coach. Listen to your body, heart, and soul. Get perspective.

Strong long-lasting emotions are a signal from the soul. You’re out of alignment and your mojo is scrambled. And a short fuse is a clear sign of overwhelm and exhaustion.

Life is short. Trust that there are no mistaken side roads in your life. No matter what, you have not been taken off your path. This goes for personal, societal, and global paths. These are your paths too; you’re part of this planet’s ecosystem.

“If where you are now wasn’t your path, your feet would be in a different place.”

Life is difficult enough. Take care of yourself when you’re hurting. Bring peace and perspective to your difficult situations and be willing to open to what is. It’s okay. You’re okay. Life is weird and not a straight line.

“What’s next always follows, melting into the perception of the new now.”

Listen to the Metta Meditation and ease and awaken your heart and soul.


Download the Metta Meditation Guide Here

A Meditation for Difficult Times

The other night I went to sleep delightfully soaked with grace regarding my life. It was certainly not about things that I have or wish I would acquire. My thoughts were wrapped around the most important things in my life. That I am alive on this gorgeous planet. And that I have people who, I love and extend their love to me.

I fell asleep and had a dream in which I was supporting someone who had a burdened heart. They were trying to find their place in the world — something we have all experienced. As I watched myself comfort them in the dream I spoke these words.

(…and I am heeding these words for myself. One never discards grace.)

“Stay alive for yourself. You are always going to meet someone who will tick you off, make you question what you’re doing with your life or fall in love, even if it only lasts for five seconds.

“Stay alive for yourself. This planet in life is too beautiful to leave.”

As a medical intuitive I am often required to go into the energy of an individual’s heart; the consciousness and structure of their heart. I do this for myself as well.

Within, I find the most amazing qualities — gifts, talents, intellect and brilliance beyond what the person is currently recognizing. Alongside of these attributes exists the pain, shame and disappointments, which lurk within soggy or crusty structures of energy. Often times these structures overshadow the brilliant Light and intelligence of the individual.

Because life’s rough waters can suddenly slosh into our lives…..

Because I see in humanity the promise of what is good, alongside what is hesitant and challenged….

I created this guided meditation to support you in seeing what is whole within you, all parts of you.

And to witness the grace I feel, see and know every time I am privileged to gaze upon the brilliance of a person’s heart — the seat of their conscious soul.



Guided Meditation- Calming Anxiety

I created a guided meditation for you this week! It will help you release anxiety, stress and call back to you any scattered mental thoughts and energy that has spiked off your body or has become congested. It will help bring your energy home and center it with peace and contentment.


How to Recharge Your Core Energy

What can do when you just can’t keep going anymore? Your mind has too many thoughts. Your brain doesn’t know how to organize those thoughts and your body feels crowded by an encroaching sphere of chaos.

That feeling of just being ahead of careening energy isn’t your imagination. It’s a reflection of imbalance and lost mojo. Stress displaces and clogs our energy. It jams nervous system’s signals, and jacks up (or down) hormones.

When this happens your body and energy fields are at odds. Energy and the chaotic mind are pushing your nervous system’s receptivity — your empathic radar — out toward the leading edge of your energy field, anticipating “what’s next.”

There is a way to find balance the moment when you realize you’re being hijacked by your own thoughts.

This simple practice can be thin-sliced depending on what you in do the moment. It will help to align and recharge your energy. Because, what you’re seeking is your own level of Intuitive Wellness.

This practice will steady your core. It will ground you in your body and in your belly, where your most powerful intuitive radar exists.

You can do this anywhere, as long as operating heavy machinery isn’t involved. You do need to be sitting or standing, so chasing toddlers or running through a store are not your best choices. You can do this practice in an elevator, standing in line, at home, in a park, on a subway or tube. If you have a noisy household or office, head for closet, bathroom, or step outside for a moment.

Phase One: Sit or stand with your feet flat on the floor. Keep your mind’s attention at that point of connection until you actually do feel your feet and the floor as if they are one. If this Phase is all you have time for that is good enough for the moment.

Phase Two: Call in light/energy from above and bring it down through the top of your head. Let the shaft of light sink through your torso and into the ground. Choose whatever colors or combination of colors organically occur in your mind.

Phase Three: While your connected to the ground and the light is moving from crown to earth, take your mind’s attention to your belly and let the energy begin to pool there…in your solar plexus area. Breathe in and out as you’ve done before. Stay in this Phase until you feel a calm sense and an easy fullness of energy. You may feel emotionally stronger, more centered, etc. That is the point of this practice. Check in with your body from time to time to see how your core is feeling. Repeat any or all Phases as needed.

May you be calm, at ease, and centered.

Medical Intuition Unmuted

I just began a field experiment. I’m creating 90 days of audios entitled, Medical Intuition Unmuted. Here’s Day 1. I’m sharing tips, experiences, and guidelines for those who are interested in healing, the healing arts, and specifically medical intuition. I couldn’t have imaged a more miraculous life; witnessing the layers of our bodies, energy, and the cohesive ever-present power of our souls.

I’ll be talking about what it looks like to observe the miraculous light show that occurs when a baby’s energy entrains with its mother’s. What a visionary’s brain looks like. The pathway to connect to the purpose and power of your soul through your heart. How  people in relationships connect and what that looks like energetically — functionally and dysfunctionally. Who is taking, giving away, and loosing power. What it’s like to move into the cells of your immune system, listening to the emotional intelligence of your body’s vital protective system. What it’s like to view an enlightened heart. And what are the structures of energy that set up wellness or illness. The Four Intelligence’s of the body. I’ll share what I call, an Empath’s Doppler Radar, and so much more.

Along with descriptions, I’ll be sharing some how to’s. It’s unscripted. Unplugged, Unmuted. And hopefully will demystify the art of intuitively discerning structures in and around the body, helping you connect and heal yourself.

I’ve been in the fields of Energy Medicine and Structural and Medical Intuition for nearly 40 years, 38 to be exact. The world needs more medical intuitives to help support people in their wellness journeys. I’ll be posting the occasional audio here in the Newsletter. They will all be on my website, No sign up. No cost. They start rolling out on November 1st, 2017.

I chose an audio format because I’d like you to listen with your intuitive eyes and heart; and not be distracted by visuals. Like me when I go into a session, I want you to go within.

A lot can happen in 90 days. We’ll see where we end up!


Laura on The Self Improvement Show!

The Self Improvement Show

Thursday at 12 Noon Pacific

November 02nd 2017:Navigating Change

VoiceAmerica Empowerment Channel

Who better to talk about navigating change than a respected spiritual teacher and medical intuitive? Laura Kamm will join us to discuss how you can trust yourself to navigate these chaotic times and stay in balance. We will delve into how self-trust enhances your self-esteem and self-awareness. Take a moment to reflect on whether you can “trust your gut” and “follow your heart.” If not, why not? Laura will give us tips on how to keep in touch with your body’s awareness and develop your strengths intuitively by using three basic body awareness strategies. And so much more.

You can listen to the show live here and the replay will be available here.

How To Feel Safe In The Midst Of Chaos


In order to stay calm in the midst of chaos you first have to choose to make changes regarding how you respond. This is not always easy, especially when you’re scared and the adrenaline is running amuck in your body. Nonetheless, you can change.

Firstly, remember the three main points in the video above: no matter what happens, you will always be okay; you are loved; and you are never alone – you have unseen help. These are your foundational tools.

Secondly, make a choice and promise yourself that you’ll do your best to wake up, consciousness wise, and response differently to things that scare or upset you. This takes time and commitment regarding your choice to change.

Thirdly, remember to healing and change is a process. Be kind to yourself. You’re not perfect. No one is. Walk your path one step at a time.

Finally, remember to put yourself in other people’s shoes for a moment. Be empathically aware of what the big picture is. That will give you greater perspective and a more powerful position from which to make choices.

With love, Laura


Calming the Vagus Nerve…for deep relaxation and healing.

Release the impact of stress as you invoke the power of well-being by calming and healing the Vagus Nerve. For nearly 40 years, I’ve intuitively witnessed and traced the activity of the Vagus Nerve in clients. I designed the visualization to help heal and balance the vagal nerve — one of the most important nerves in your body.

Embarking on this healing and illuminating visualization, you will tap into the wellness of your inner sanctuary and experience the gentle inner stream of healing energy that moves through your body and nervous system. This deeply relaxing visualization sends ripples of ease and calm through your body and ultimately your life.

Click here to purchase



I’m so excited to be releasing the, Coming Into Wholeness CD in September! It has helped so many people rebalance and reclaim their personal power and energy from events, places, and people that have been hurtful experiences. It will help you heal and move on with your life, allowing space for all beings to be free.

Three Intuitive Steps to Courage

You’re in a boat. The water is warm. If you fall in, at least you won’t freeze. But it’s choppy. And you’re in deep. Beefy waves rise up and lick the top of the boat. It’s scary out here. The land is so far away and shrinking to the degree you feel as if you’re looking at a postcard.

What do you do when your life feels adrift? Especially, when you know that those around you can’t really help. How do you settle your mind so that your body can let go of the built-up energy and tension that has rippled through it?

Normally, you’re a cool-minded person. Levelheaded. Easy to be around. You’re empathic. You get other people. But you’re not getting you; at least, not in this moment.

You recognize that the distance between you and the shore marks your inner separation. Take a moment and intuitively glance within.

How far from shore is your boat?Continue reading