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What's Your Favorite Spiritual Practice

healing self-care Jul 03, 2022

I had a great A-Ha moment a while ago and wanted to share it with you. It might be something you’d like to try out for your life too. 

But first, what’s your favorite type of spirit growth work?  You know, inner focused meditations and visualizations, walking in nature, ready inspiring books? 

Let me know; and I trust you’re getting some serene time in during your busy weekend. 

Do you like to sit and breathe, watching the power of your breath fill your body with vital oxygen and energy, while your mind does its dance and…then it’s back to the breath?

That’s my baseline staple, morning and night. And often times in-between. 

Do you love to go hang out with your trusted guides and angels?

Yep, me too. You know, they love to hang out with us too. 

God and the companions thereof always have a watchful presence when it comes to us. 

It may be tough as a human at times. Sometimes, more frequently than we’d like; yet, they are always with us. Close range. 

Back to practices. How about really linking up the ol’ upstairs telephone, and transporting yourself to the place where your soul can receive the answers to any question. 

Me too. Yep…definitely me too.

I don’t know what I’d do without the power of prayer or the swift and true intuitive skills to access whatever I need to do, see, and be in the moment or upcoming moments. 

Here’s my A-Ha! Tip: 

Several months ago, while in meditation, my mind started to do what it LOVES to do. 


You know, basically the mind wants run circles around my intention and have a mind of its own.

Good times!

In that moment, though, my lil’ old mind started to bring up its very customized worry playlist. 

What if this happens? What if that doesn’t get settled? 

You know the that inner no-fun, no-fills mental drill. 

Thank goodness for intuitive insights to the rescue! 

Not more than two or three, “what ifs” were out of their cage, swirling around my head like cartoon tweety birds and a sweet tidbit of wisdom arose. 

“Create something positive out of the energy which is creating worry. Transform worrisome energy toward the good of life.”

A calm, reminding, and poignant A-Ha!

“Yes, of course! I squeaked to myself…I used to do that, didn’t I? Hmmmm, somehow I forgot that one. Thanks!”

We all forget what we know sometimes. Even positive habits can fade when life goes off the rail. 

Yet, life’s challenges are never really about going off the rails. It’s about how do we be present, adjust, and keep moving with our guidance. 

I’m excited to tell you about the Intuitive Wellness Healing Collection. I’ve curated a special journey for you, which I think it’s perfect for this season we’re all moving through. The Collection is a dequenced journey of calming body + soul-level awareness and healing. 

Listening will continue to build your intuitive skills and deeper connection, transforming your worry into creative living and helping your body heal. 

It’s so important to keep your heart open and your intuition stronger than the mind chatter going on inside of you and the larger chatter in the world. 

If you need a little more calm or healing, perhaps this will be a ticket to allow your body to heal, remain calm during every-changing times and let your spirit soar. 

Whatever you do today and the days ahead, mind your mind, stay steady and peaceful within yourself as best you can. 

Fire up your creative juices and let life bring you wisdom in lieu of worry. 

May your days be filled with love, joy, and blessings.

Love to you…always, 



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