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Open & Connect To Your Guidance

When I write, I settle into a comfy chair and squiggle (one of my fave words) around until it's just right. Hot tea at the ready. I close my eyes to chill and check in with my inner guidance system. 

“Are we in sync?” 

Yep, all lined up! 

I love the feeling of one’s inner wiring fully on and connected. Don’t you? 

This time when I opened my eyes, I immediately focused on a wooden statue of my Dad's, which now sits on my mantle. It's a statue of Jesus casting seeds, which sat on his desk for nearly 60 years. 

Since my eyes zoned in on Jesus, instead of my wood-crafted gnomes named Renaldo and Oswald, I  felt inspired to ask Jesus a question. 

Why not? He's my go-to and we have access to all things and sacred hearts.

And so I ask:  “What can I do for you today?” 

The response: 

 “Be happy.” 

“I can do that.” I said out loud with a slight impish grin. 

Like you, I know the voice of my own soul-self and those with whom I am connected. These time-tested, well-vetted and discerned voices are clear. Each has a unique and specific pitch, tone, energy, feeling and embedded wisdom which comes through yours and my intuitive pipelines. 

There are so many voices buzzing at us from the outer world and most of them are nonsense. I'd much rather listen to myself, a forest, the birds and those within kinder worlds. 

Practical, spiritual and other worldly information is always available to us, as requested and as needed. 

All too often, I know I become distracted or too tired to even think about asking for grace and guidance. Yet, it comes through anyway. Ahhh. πŸ™πŸ»

You are no different. In regard to these skill sets, we are all the same. It's so important to connect, everyday. 

As soon as my eyes flutter awake in the morning I connect. I connect with my body. “Yep, still here!” With sighing exhales, “Thank God.” (Because I’m so dog-gone happy to be alive).  

 …and I connect with them.  “Hey, ya’ll! Let’s do this day!” 

They have watched over my entire life, as yours have watched over and guided you. 

For me, they are the ones who carried me over and caught me on the Other Side when I died. Those who have forewarned and saved me from numerous incidences — car crashes, absolute train-wreck ideas, wrong locations, off-kilter relationships, illness and from being miserably stuck in life. 

I bow to my own intuitive voice and to those who have helped steer me through the labyrinths of my willful I-can-do-anything sense of self. After all, sometimes I can't, nor should I, do everything.

I need to do what's mine to do. Again, we are all the same here. I really should replace the word "doing" with "being."

As we know, we cannot DO anything which is not within our being. 

Yet, I love the part of me who is willing to take those sharp left and right turns in life; all of which have been poignantly positive, sometimes scary, mystical, delightfully enlightening and filled with deep learning. 

You and I are never alone. Nor are we without help, guidance, love and the courage needed to see life through. And THANK goodness, as it's a little rough out there. Life requires guidance, now more than ever ... and definitely through 2029. 

Throughout the day and during those in-between times when there’s a gap in the breathing of the world, I connect, ask and listen. 

How about you? I know you do this too. But how often? I’m not talking about a constant OM session with the heavens. But maybe your inner guidance has been nudging you to kick it up a little bit more. 

Me? I’m super casual. I’m totally myself with my spiritual tribe. Just as I am with my human tribe. “What’s up? What shall we write about today? Oh, go for a walk first? Done!”

 Tune into your body’s radar first and foremost. Why, your body first?  Well, the body knows, every single time!

 Have a question? Here's a 1, 2, and 3.  

  1. Ask your body what you need. 
  2. Connect with and query your magnificent soul. 
  3. Then rally your gang; your Universal spiritual tribe. 

So many of us just plain forget to ask! I certainly was that way for a long stretch. 

From the ages 17 - 26 my hand was out in front of me with a big, “NO way God,! I’ve asked and you’ve shown me mind-bending and heart-blasting vistas. Then I get trampled. You’ve messed with me long enough. Showing me this, telling me that and then you just leave me alone, cast me to the side and let the world run over me! No more! Off you go!!” 

I was spiritually ticked-off and thought I could be left to my own devices. Ha! I climbed up and into the Clueless Bus and rode around, and around and around for nine years.

In that 9th year to the day ... I pinkie swear kid you not ... the catalytic start to my imminent death began to encircle my life's experiences.

Death is rather redefining. It was death, deep remembering and many reawakening moments which yanked me off that clueless bus and back on the path I had been shown years prior.

However, I was never really off the path, of course. 

Neither are you. Every step of the way, therein lies the path. Every wack-a-doo wondrous step we take is the path. 

For now, keep connecting and keep moving along. Stay open and bloom within your Spirit and gifts.

Again... read it slowly.

Stay open and bloom within your Spirit and gifts. It is time and unquestionably essential. 

Big LOVE to you, 🌸  πŸ™Œ  ❀️



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