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Mindfulness In the Midst of Ooops

Isn’t it grand to be an empathic person, feeling everything. Couple that with the daring, rascal-like nature of our minds and “Oh merde!” 

Perhaps you’re like me and have a scrappy mind and when given the opportunity it will head south in a nanosecond.

Breaking free of sour thoughts can be a long journey; one we take each in our own way. Me, I’m a paradigm buster; at least a part of me wants to declare it so. 

Another part is resistant. It’s where the old paradigm exists and fights for its sour patch survival within my internal territory. Our soured thoughts will gang up on us just to keep itself alive. 

Sour patch thoughts await the oops and then pounce.

Sooooo, here’s my latest OOPS and inner mindfulness training vis-à-vis the podcast launch.

My team and I have been working super hard to get the podcast up and relaunched. The amazing Adelaide Lenox, the author of EMPOWERED, was my guest for the reentry show. She is a miraculous woman and I was honored to have her on the show. If you haven’t listened to the show, the link is below.

My team and I were jazzed as we crossed the finish line after months of planning and work. We were virtually high-fiving each other from state to state and country to country.  

All was well as I sat in my chair the evening of the launch reading some emails, lovely emails. Many of you shared your challenged journeys of cancer or those of your loved ones. I was scrolling, reading, and drying a few tears. I was so moved by your words and your personal journeys.

Then the phone rings… it was one of my sisters. “Can you take down your podcast?” She asked.

“Sure. I said. You can download it and save it to your playlist. Not a problem.”

“No! Can you take it down?! Like really take it down!” Her voice was starting to sound like one of Cinderella’s mice at this point.

“Yes, I can take it down. What’s up?”

Long story shorter, my niece had listened to the show and caught an editing issue. Several of us listen to the final cut and no one caught it. The bucks stops with me…and so it is.

So down came the first show. I must admit, a few wanna-be expletives tired to muscle their way through my usually mindful mouth. I was instantly transported back to other oopses (is that even a word?)  Evidently, past oops still had a flight path to buzz my emphatic panic button; but, for only a moment. The little scamps! 

I felt like I was back in junior high and high school and it was the one time, the one time in 4 years of performing, I dropped my baton in front of a stadium full of people. 

Remembering that event, interestingly, merged quickly with an unrelated oops. I re-experienced to a milder degree what it felt like, as an internet novice, to dial up and connect with the internet in 1990. 

I heard the electronic whine, buzz, staccato fluttering and my body suddenly felt like the whole world just crammed into my 12 x 15 office, wanting to look over my shoulder at my writing. 

Have you ever felt like a gazillion eyes were on you after you’ve had an oops!  I hadn’t felt those feelings in a long time. 

Mostly, I was sad we weren’t on point for Adelaide. 

We fixed the problem in a matter of hours and Adelaide is shining and sharing her wisdom again on The Voice of Intuition Podcast. 

So what’s the lesson…okay, lessons? 

1  — No matter how careful you are; no matter the SOPs (standard operating procedures) you’ve set up; no matter if Mercury is in retrograde or not, stuff happens. 

2    Empaths feel everything and it’s up to said empath, you and me, to remain mindful and look around at what’s true and what are the next practical intuitive steps we need to take. 

3    Don’t let your feelings derail your good intentions. No one wants to create a problem. Problems occur and give us new opportunities to learn and grow. Dive in and solve the problem. Done. What’s next? 

4    Biggest reminder lesson: No matter what the switchbacks of life toss our way, I say, “Bring it!” Even if you trip and fall right out of the gate. Get up, dust yourself off, and run your life’s race. 

Needless to say, given this past week and all that has occurred to so many, I cannot help but add sincere and consistent prayers to Adelaide for her patience, wisdom and courage. And to the millions in human beings whose live’s have been devastated by hurricanes Ian, and his precursor, Fiona.

“Life is difficult”, as Dr. M. Scott Peck notes in the first sentence of his book, The Road Less Traveled. 

It is people like Adelaide Lenox and you out there who have risen to life’s challenges and keep going. You are positive voices and forces in this world. Heroes all. 

No matter what, find the space inside of you that knows. Steady on and let your positive thoughts guide each step forward. 

Here's the link to listen to and benefit from Adelaide's powerful journey.

Much love and joy in the moments of your life,










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