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[CHAKRA SERIES] The Seat of Your Soul

“The conscious mind is never unconscious to itself. Even though, at times, we are unconscious to that which is conscious within us.” — LAKamm

I hold my three-week-old grandson, looking into his eyes of potential.

“I love you. I see you.” I whisper.

He stares back, sometimes as a newborn. Sometimes, we meet in that place that exists beyond his and my eyes.

We meet in infinite waters … within an ocean beyond time.

As an intuitive, I can see him forward and backward, inside and out; yet, I wait. Inviting him in for those priceless moments when he can join me there.

Soul to soul. Heart to heart.

That’s where he and I connect. That’s where we regard and remember each other. That’s where we all connect … through the eyes within our hearts.

I began my medical and structural intuitive work as a hands-on healer.

As my hand would hover over client’s hearts, pictures would flow through my mind’s eye regarding the ease, or lack thereof, insofar as how they felt about their life.

As a medical intuitive, I enter into the cells of the heart and see the archetypical patterns of purpose, talent, and giftedness that people carry within.

The seeds of their greatness and contributions to humanity are there. No matter how large or small the act. Each contribution has a greatness ensconced.

It is in the center of the heart wherein your chakra’s voices commune and can be heard. All energy centers are certainly individualized within their own specific seat of energy and power. Nonetheless, the heart is home to all.

We are all here to be of service in one way or another. To love and give to oneself, as joyously as you give to others, releases resentments that can build up over time. Resentments accelerate when you negate your own heart’s desires, not asserting you respectful will, in lieu of others' wants and needs on a consistent basis.

We all know what it feels like to be in a season of life that requires us to, more consistently, give to others. Those times require it. It can also wipe out precious moments of your personal replenishment — your body, energy, and sense of self.

If, after this season of challenge is over, and the giving away of your time, energy, and the personal routine continues, it's not the season prompting this response within you. It's you who have not shifted gears back into your own sense of self.

This can be an unnecessary hardship for those who hold the natural healer within their hearts. You must shift back to the sanctuary of your own heart. Listen more astutely to its calling.

The love of God, along with the love of self and others is an honoring and compassionate way to live. It is a powerful way to be.

This perspective will open your heart’s center of grace-filled power, allowing you the experience of amazing levels of bliss, compassion, and satisfaction for living your right life.

Gratitude is a real power. It animates your life and brings to you the elements from which your soul’s alchemical power can transform your life.

When you hold gratitude in this energetic seat of your soul, through which flows inspiration and aspiration, you will not only manifest the people and experiences that are destined for you; you generate something even more magnificent.


The Ryona-ji Zen temple in Kyoto is famous for its stone garden.


Many come to sit, beholding the stillness and simplicity of the garden.

A tsukubai is a water basin found outside of most Japanese temples. They’re used by temple visitors for cleansing and purification. To wash their hands and rinse their mouths.

The basin at Ryoan-ji is behind the observation space where one sits to admire the serenity of the rock garden. It is purposely placed in a quiet corner of the garden, low to the ground so that the user must bend over in order to use it — a demonstration of humility and reverence.

The structure of the circle with the square encompasses the meaning — within the circle of our life, within its center, we are contained.

We are open to life. The circle…

We can transform and align with our true nature. The square…

From there we transcend. The triangle…

The words carved into the stone basin roughly translate, “I only know satisfaction.” 

Meaning, within the heart of our lives we are content. With grace and humility accompanying the abundant wisdom within our heart and soul … we have all that we need. 

As you enter into the energy of your heart’s power, be still.

Every day can have kindness. Like the water flowing into Ryoan-ji’s basin, like the blood that beats through your heart, there is movement and a natural rhythm.

To tap into your heart, step outside in the stillness of the morning or at night. With no expectations, be present. Let yourself feel and see with your heart.

The power of your heart’s center, in yogic philosophy, is the bridge between higher levels of conscious mind and lower levels of conscious mind.

Keep in mind that the conscious mind is never unconscious to itself. Even though, at times, we are unconscious to that which is conscious within us.

The heart is the way into the soul. It is the way-station through which the voice of your intuition is spoken in its purest sense.

Shhhh…listen to the contentment underneath the noise.

With loving kindness,


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