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[CHAKRA SERIES] How to Open Your Voice of Wisdom

“When you trust yourself ~ miracles follow.”

— LAKamm

All that exists within the upper and lower hemispheres of your energetic structures are expressed through your fifth chakra. They are marbled with all things human and Spirit,

In order for your intuition to grow and strengthen, in order for you to grow and evolve as a human being, you have to follow universal laws of operation.

It is here in the fifth chakra that you must commit to expressing universal and personal law, truth, and wisdom. Universal/spiritual law distills down to what you create as your personal honor code, driven by your combined and awakened energetic seats of power.

In this fifth seat of power, we can find ourselves muted along with our wisdom and power. After all, the voice of your intuition, your wellness, and the health of your relationships are only empowered to the degree that you speak your truth out loud, in words and in deeds.

Often when I'm in session with someone and we’re digging into a heavy part of an issue, the phone lines drop. Communication is cut off.

No matter the phone equipment either of us is using, it never ceases to amuse that in the heat of revealing submerged emotions and truth the phone line drops dead.

From your very first breath, you’re forced to trust others for survival. As your life unfolds, you’re pressed into circumstances in which you must learn to steer away from the crowd and trust yourself.

We want to trust our governments, social systems, industries, coworkers, friends, family, and ourselves. But do we?

To all of reality we can choose to become blind, noncommittal, healing agents, cheek-turners, educators, secular, non-secular, iconoclasts, or rebellious advocates.

Who's driving the car? Are you listening to everyone else and, therefore, running over your own voice of wisdom that arises within every question?

Every choice you have in front of you, your intuitive voice is present. So, too, are your answers. The question is, are you willing to listen and act at the called upon time?

Your voice of intuition is the same as mine and everyone else's.

It's true.

It's neutral.

It's non-harassing.

It’s elevated, eternal, and evolved conscious mind.

It's in alignment with your best interests, always.

And yet … we throw that voice of wisdom in the trunk of the car and let fear or someone else's opinion drive us around within our own life.

This vortex of voice is where your willingness and will, your powers of direction and choice, that exist within all seats of conscious mind and energy, are either used for you or against you.

You are always at choice regarding the direction you point your will and power to choose.

In most cases, we use our will against ourselves … against our own voice of wisdom. We are afraid of change, which is the most frequent broad brush-stroke reason we deny ourselves.

Ironically, your most natural and instinctual voice of truth comes from your body. Yet, we dismiss it more often than not through the course of the day — rest, play, H2O, nourishment, work, etc. 

We are taught to push ourselves, by the design of the modern world. We then loose ourselves — emotionally, physically, energetically, and spiritually. 

Many of you reading this may have been shamed and criticized for your intuitively-sourced wisdom. Some of you simply shutdown at a very early age to avoid that level of shame.

The fear and experience of external shame is what I’m referring to here. There’s also internal shame, which can be buried so deep it becomes a part of what I call, Inner Graffiti.

Did you know that the words ‘shame’ and ‘shamble’ are right next to each other in the dictionary? Interesting correlation, don't you think?

In order to develop that organic state of trust regarding your intuitive voice, you start slowly. You work with it, listen to it, and take action every day.

One thing that you can do is that whenever you hear that subtle neutral voice inside, directing you to be brave and assert your voice,choose to take action on that intuitively-delivered prompt.

To be clear, within each of the seven primary chakras exist your power to choose what's best for you in the moment.

Your fifth chakra is the primary point of expression of choice and will. However, each chakra is also powered by your will — willingness and willfulness. Also present is your resistance and/or drive to assert yourself.

* Asserting your will always contains the conditional element of respect, for yourself and the other person. Aggression does not.

Let’s look at the primary drivers in each chakra below, as they are expressed through the truth and will of the fifth chakra in some manner and degree. This is what makes this fifth seat of power unique. When you speak or act, the fifth expresses the light or shadow of:

  • Seventh chakra  — driven by divinity
  • Sixth chakra        — driven by the visionary and purpose
  • Fifth chakra         — driven by truth and law
  • Fourth chakra     — driven by love, connection, seeded archetypes
  • Third chakra        — driven by sense of self; worth, respect, will to evolve, love
  • Second chakra    — driven by creativity, problem-solving, pleasure
  • First chakra         — driven by survival, socially-constructed reality

All of your choices and your expressed power of will, propelled by the fuel of truth that catalyzes choice and your powers forward, are expressed through the fifth chakra. It expresses physically and non-physically. Verbally and nonverbally.

Your choices, will, and truths are always expressed energetically.

A healer, in the best case scenario, is grounded in the root and centered in the heart. Their comforting, exacting, and healing energy enters in through their crown, branches off at the fifth chakra and cascades down and out their arms, hands, and fingertips. 

This same pattern that runs through all of us. A teacher writing on the board. A surgeon’ s precision is noted here. A computer tech, an artist, a soldier, writer, and all other acts from transactional, through transformational, and into the transcendent express the same pattern of energetic flow and nervous system stimuli.

What is at stake is our conscious awareness of this pattern. It’s rooted in our rituals, religions, spiritual practices and personal preferences. Within these seats of power your soul’s voice continually whispers. 

When ocean vessels and aircraft conduct a crew and passenger count, they reference the total by the number of “souls on board.” 

How many times have you seen athletes or actors look up to thank the heavens. Or, “I hope to God this works!” is a phrase sprouted from people I known who work as engineers, architects, doctors, plumbers, teachers, etc.

Whether people are aware of the divine design and grace moving through them or not, it is.

Information that moves through all of us is applied within our transactions, transformational experiences, and exquisite transcendent moments. It is all sourced through the collective. When it is expressed to the self or to another, the fifth seat of power takes the lead.

When you listen to your voice of intuition and follow through with a sense of completeness, you will find alignment, peace, and all that is here for you to be made manifest.

When you resist your wise voice, you restrain your Spirit.

Do you want to open up your fifth chakra?


Sing without self-criticism. You not only open up the fifth chakra, you open up the heart.

Exercise your voice of intuition on a daily basis by trusting and respectfully expressing yourself. It’s the only way to do it. No incense, oil, massage technique, mantra, or crystal can open up your fifth chakra more than you speaking your truth with esteemed kindness, toWard yourself and to others.

With a BIG shoutout of love and respect,





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