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A Face Plant + "Pick Up Your Mat and Walk"

In early March I had just finished a fantastic series of teachings — Becoming a Medical Intuitive and working with a select group of healers conducting long-distance healing sessions for people who needed help.

It was a great run from early December through early March. Fabulous students and healers. Mega growth for everyone.

I had also been reading my energy field, which I always do. There were some interesting changes a foot. A move. Lots of boxes. More intriguing, was a significant span of void prior to the presentation and sequence of these two primary objects. I know there is never a true void, so I watched as all would be revealed.

The upcoming move and the boxes looked like they were banking around an airport, ready to line up with the runway to land. Yet, it wasn’t time for them to round the corner. (Remember this sentence. I’ll write more about it next time.)

After closing out the teaching sessions, I took stock as to what’s next for me. I frequently do personal assessments, looking at the places into which I’ve been placing my Spirit, energy, and faith both professionally and personally.

I was preparing to take some time to assess, but had a few weeks of projects to tidy up first.

As I fell asleep one night, I heard an ever-present  guiding voice say, “Pick up your mat and walk.” I rolled over and fell asleep.

The next day I heard the same voice and wisdom while peeling my morning pears. Then again, after a client session that day. This phrase came to mind multiple times within a period of several weeks. 

I knew this wisdom was from the Bible — a story about a paralyzed man, over whom Jesus spoke those very words. The man listened, was healed, picked up his mat, and walked home.

Through all of this, I’d been nursing a sore leg. But it was nothing I couldn’t handle. Then one March morning I yawned and stretched and was ready to roll out of bed. But I couldn’t. My body wouldn't move from the waist down. I tried to get up several times, but failed miserably.

So, there I was. Smack in the middle of a “God-Driven Face Plant.”

The first place I knew I needed to go was the last place I would prefer to go. The emergency room.

Pre Final Class - 2 days later, Post Face Plant

I had no choice but to call the ambulance. In my jammies and shoeless. No time for lipstick. (Ladies, you’ll get that one.) I grabbed my purse, phone, COVID mask and off we went.

 I wasn’t afraid. How could I be. Even though they passed several years ago, my mother's Spirit hovered over me, "You're doing the right thing honey." My father's smiling and equally hovering sweetness echoed, "You go get 'em tiger!" One of his favorite quips.

One of the more interesting aspects of this journey is I’ve had no fear. None. Honestly, not a peep of fear. I’ve been annoyed because four teams of specialists were looking ‘here’ for the problem and I’m telling them to look over ‘there.’  They weren’t listening to me. Yet, I’ve felt protected and solidly cared for by those around me in Spirit, friends, and family.

I’m also watching what was once seemingly devoid space in my energy field fill in with people hovering over me to run tests. Three of them and done. Guess what? No test discovered anything but “unremarkable” conditions - head, shoulders, knees and toes, knees and toes. I was their mystery patient. 

I’m not sharing this for sympathy. Sympathy is like flattery. I need none. A prayer, sure, if you have an inkling.

I’m sharing this with you because it’s real life. Really physical. Really spiritual. Really holistic. Really energetic.

You see, eerily close to the day 40 years ago I went through my near-death experience. That situation was a mystery to the doctors as well. I was also suppose to stay dead. Or likely to die again during 10 hours of surgery or, at best, remain in a vegetative state.

 God fooled us all then.

 God’s messing with me now.

I sat there within a huge hospital. It was the weekend and they won’t let me or my “unremarkable” leg go home quite yet. I followed  through with what is, because I couldn’t walk. However, I must say, if I had shoes and pants I would have called an Uber. The nurses were stellar. The food ... don’t get me started.

I’m okay to go! I’m peaceful. I’m resolute. But it’s not over until it’s over.

The inner part of the journey is revealing itself. It’s fascinating to say the least. Rooting through the lessons will be on going.

The tangible synchronicities regarding the top part of my being + body having been through a death and sight adjustment in 1981, and the lower part of my body + being getting a mysterious cosmic compass adjustment in 2021 will unfold as it will.

Me, I’m going to listen. Now that I can walk again, I’m definitely going to “pick up my mat and walk” to what’s next. (For three days I was face down and couldn't move. My sister Christine said I looked like a helpless marlin tossed up on the dock.)

On day four, I was able to wiggle. Then roll.  By the seventh day, I could sit up. On the eighth day I could stand up. On the ninth day, I could walk again. I listened to my Spirit and followed instructions. I didn’t push. 

I hope you’re listening to your Spirit too. Especially, after what all you've been through in the more recent past.  We all need to stand up and start walking toward what's next. Even the subtlest of wisdom can provoke significant changes in our lives. Look for the synchronicities, even if they are years apart, as we awaken within the spirals of life.

Listen. Read your energy. Map where your Spirit has been and needs to go. Be fearless, then you will be unafraid. Know you are guided and protected each step of the way. It’s true. It’s really, really true. Never deny your body or Spirit what it needs in the moment, even if it’s difficult.  It’s all here for our use as needed.

 We are never alone.

No matter what, we are always okay.

We are always loved.

 Big XO,

P.S. Thank you to my special forces team, my sister, who rescued me! Blessings to those who graciously held sacred space for me, family and friends. 

P.P.S. Next writing ... more about those corners. 


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