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Coming Into Wholeness- Release Toxic Energy & Heal

Reclaim your energy and heal past hurts with Coming Into Wholeness 

It’s time to take charge and reclaim your energy, your wellness, and your power of choice.

In life, we can lose our way. Our energy feels depleted and drained. Sometimes it’s due to a tough breakup or a divorce. Perhaps your work environment has become challenging. Or maybe you’ve let others run your life, giving away your energy and power of choice.

With kindness, this healing visualization will escort you through the process of calling back your energy from people, places, and events that have been difficult, even traumatizing. Throughout the healing experience, you will be guided by your body’s wisdom and be held in protection from the heavens.

Coming Into Wholeness is specifically designed to release old embedded energy from others, such as the painful impacts of past relationships. It will help reposition your body’s energy back where it belongs — inside of you. This healing visualization brings you home; home to yourself. A home that is whole, vibrant, and clear.

Join Laura as you awaken the unshakable, manifesting power to heal, reclaim your energy and personal power, while coming back to your authentic self.

Length: 17:00 minutes.
About Digital, On-Demand Products: With digital, on-demand products, you can enjoy the complete experience of online visualization of meditation, anytime or anywhere. You can view this program from multiple devices including your smartphone, tablet or home computer by logging into your online membership library. This is a non-refundable product.



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