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Becoming A Medical Intuitive 2020

Are you frustrated because your intuition is random? You just can’t seem to get it. Worse yet, you doubt yourself and trust goes out the window. It feels awful and I’ve been there too,

If you're feeling this way about your intuition, the only true voice you can and should be able to trust, let me help you out. Allow me to share a path I’ve walked my entire life and have trained countless people from over 130 counties since the 1980’s. I know, I started that young.

This on-line training, Becoming A Medical Intuitive 2020 is an experiential series consisting of four seminars. Each seminar is approximately two hours in length. PLUS...a seriously great bonus!

The seminar topics we’re exploring:

  • ‘The physical structure of intuition
  • How to strengthen and steady your empathic levels of intuition
  • Finally, start developing trust and confidence in your intuition
  • “The Four Intelligences” and how to work with them
  • The Structure of an Intuitive Reading - from beginning to end instructions
  • Layers of depth you can encounter in a medical intuitive assessment
  • Intuitive self-awareness and healing
  • picking up the mantle of medical intuition 
  • You’ll watch and learn as I assist a student in medical intuitive assessments. Priceless! 

‘’This Course is for anyone interested in or already a practitioner of holistic and integrative medicine, nutrition, psychotherapy, or holistic healing arts -  acupuncture, massage, energy medicine, reiki, homeopathy, Ayurveda, intuitive and spiritual healing.  

‘If you love, live with, or work with people or animals in the capacity of supporting their well-being, you will need these skills; for them, as well as for yourself.  I know ... that’s a bold statement  it’s a true statement  

Your immediate BONUS!

When you purchase this course, you'll receive the original all-audio 10 - Lesson program, first released in 2010. This program is filled with dynamic practices, completely different than the four-part seminar series.

  • Each of these Lessons have elevated the skills of countless people before you.
  • Each BONUS Lesson walks you through intuitively-driven practices, providing foundational skill building needed to enter into the field of medical intuition and energy medicine.
  • These original practices developed by Laura in 1982 are essential if you want to develop the more advanced and exacting skills required for a career the field of medical intuition or any healing art.
  • This training sets your course for the practical use of intuition in your everyday life, deepens your skills in the healing arts, and buoyancy on your spiritual path.

Just when you need a life raft, the skills developed in this training will arise from within and you will skillfully guide yourself to safety and to what’s next in your life.

Tuition is: $97.00


Be well  Be happy. Be your intuitive self!



Please note: This is a digital course, and therefore, is non-refundable. Read Terms & Policies.   

It is a pleasure to offer this course to you. Take your time and repeat the lessons and practices that speak to you. The more you repeat these practices the more exacting your intuition will become. 

 You can access this live-streaming platform at anytime, anywhere, and on any device - computers, tablets, and your smartphone, 24/7.


Feeling Empathic Overwhelm occurs when your physical body is inundated with other people’s energy and emotions to the point that it slows down the progress of your day or your life.
"Healing Empathic Overwhelm" will help you balance your empathic overwhelm, and develop your higher level of intuitive skills.