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SAMPLE - Calming The Vagus Nerve - for deep relaxation and healing

 The first step on your path to healing will create tranquility within your body's nervous system with Calming the Vagus Nerve  -  full version - 21m:21s in length

Join Laura on a journey to awaken your body's wisdom and self-compassion. In order to heal, your nervous system needs to be calm and regulated.

Enjoy a sample of this visualization as you invoke the power of inner well-being by calming and healing the Vagus Nerve — one of the most important nerves in your body.

Creating Deep Relaxation and Healing with Calming the Vagus Nerve will illuminate the powerful connection between your soul, mind and nervous system. Create peace within yourself, your relationships and your world. You'll begin to create peace within, foster intuitive awareness and master of your empathic energy.

Are you ready to manifest a kinder relationship with your body and the energy of the world around you in order to leave overwhelm, conflict, and hyper-sensitivity behind?

Embarking on this healing and illuminating visualization, you will tap into the wellness of your inner sanctuary while experiencing the gentle inner stream of healing energy that moves through your body and nervous system. This deeply relaxing visualization sends ripples of ease and calm through your body and ultimately your life.


Calm your body, find balance, and understand your empathic gifts

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