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Be Healed Now

This is a highly experiential, Nine-Step Program designed to help you develop your intuitive skills and simultaneously apply healing to your body and energy systems. I created this program to help those in the Holistic Healing Arts and those who are waning personal self-care develop their skills and take care of themselves at the same time. Healers, whether you have a professional practice or not, need a special type of supportive care all there own. Be Healed Now helps fill that need. 

This Self-Paced Course contains:

38 Lessons covering energy and physical anatomy, cross-cultural healing concepts and medical intuitive frameworks and more. 

12 Healing and Intuitive Development Visualization that escort you and healing energy in and through the organs of your body and energy systems. 

Numerous PDFs of practices to compliment specific Lessons 

This program helps to solve the challenges of ... Why can't I heal? What will it take to trust my own intuition? What can I do so that my intuition becomes consistent and not so random?

If you've have asked yourself these questions, this program is for you! Each of the Nine Steps contained custom designed visualizations and tutorials. Each, in there own way, will develop your intuitive skills, your medical intuitive skills, and bring a more profound level of self-awareness regarding your body, your energy, and your direction in life.

Feeling Empathic Overwhelm occurs when your physical body is inundated with other people’s energy and emotions to the point that it slows down the progress of your day or your life.
"Healing Empathic Overwhelm" will help you balance your empathic overwhelm, and develop your higher level of intuitive skills.