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Be Healed Now

Why can't I heal? What will it take to trust my internal wisdom and that voice? What can I do to calm my chattering brain so my intuitive voice becomes consistent and not random?

Your body knows the way and Be Healed Now will take you on a flowing, healing journey throughout your body, developing your inner Medical Intuitive and Energy Medicine Healer along with way.

This highly experiential, 9 - Step Program is designed to develop your intuitive skills, while simultaneously apply healing measures to your body and energy systems.

By the virtue of being a healing person, whether you have a professional practice or not, you need a special type of supportive care all your own. I created this program to help those in the Holistic Healing Arts and for those struggling with inconsistent wellness who want to be able to manage their personal self-care from an elevated level of intuitive skill, understanding, and effectiveness. Be Healed Now fills these needs.

This self-paced program contains: 38 Lessons covering energy and physical anatomy, cross-cultural healing concepts, elegant practices - audio and PDFs - and hours of bonus webinars.

Be Healed Now was developed from my forty plus years, practicing globally as a Medical Intuitive and Energy Medicine practitioner, author, and educator.

This Self-Paced Course contains:

38 Lessons covering energy and physical anatomy, cross-cultural healing concepts and medical intuitive frameworks and more. 

12 Healing and Intuitive Development Visualizations, which teach you how to cultivate and move healing energy within and throughout the organs of your body and energy system.

Each of the 9 - Steps contained custom visualizations and tutorials. Each, in there own way, will develop your intuitive skills, your Medical Intuitive skills, bringing you into a new and profound level of self-awareness regarding your body, your energy, and your direction in life.

Feeling Empathic Overwhelm occurs when your physical body is inundated with other people’s energy and emotions to the point that it slows down the progress of your day or your life.
"Healing Empathic Overwhelm" will help you balance your empathic overwhelm, and develop your higher level of intuitive skills.