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You’re More Light Than Shadow

Uncategorized Jan 14, 2018


We all get the blues. If you’re on a spiritual path, stretching yourself like Silly Putty, you’re going to feel bummed out from time to time. But that’s okay. That means you have an opportunity to clear away old shadows and bring your Light into those once darkened places.

Let’s put some of your amazing Light to the task. After all, a shadow is created only when Light is cast into the darkness. That’s what SoulWorkers do — go into the dark and apply Light.

Next time you’re feeling blue, here’s what you can do:

    1. Step back from your emotions and move into the observer mode. If you have a regular meditation practice, this is not hard to do. You are familiar with being the observer. Feel what you feel. Observe yourself feeling what’s happening. This is an awakened state of presence.

    2. Intuit the source from which the emotional discomfort is arising. Sit with it for a moment. Lean against it as if it were a sturdy tree. Always be friendly and kind to a part of you that is hurting or troubled. Pause and connect. Observe.

    3. Ask, “What’s up?” Stay in observer mode and listen, see, and know that voice. A voice that has been shadowed and muted for a while. It has a story to tell. You get to decide whether it’s true or not. That’s where it gets interesting and you’ll need intuitive discernment skills to tell the difference.
      Quick tip: If the words and phrases you hear keep pointing you toward feeling helpless, it’s not true. It’s the wound, barking at you regarding what you may have suffered in the past. But you’re safe now. You’ve grown from that place. But still, let the voice bark. It may need to howl for a bit. Which brings me to Step 4.

    4. As you would with a friend, listen with discernment. Don’t buy into everything you hear. Add comfort and solutions as needed. Sit with your eyes closed and pour Light into the area in your body. Breathe. Exhale. Breathe in again. Let it all go with your breath. Swirl and wash the area with Light. Just as you would pour saline solution or water over an open wound, washing away debris. Be gentle and kind. This is a way to feel ground under your feet again.

    5. Most importantly, take some type of action to carry the healing forward. Do some type of energy work, a Shamanic journey, or even see a therapist if you’ve tapped into a deep root. Yoga, Tai Chi, Qi Gong, hiking, swimming, whatever you can do to get your body and your energy moving again.

Where there is Light, there will be a shadow. Life is about keeping the Light brighter. Take a positive approach, as best you can and keep on moving.

Doing something physical with the movement of energy incorporated into the process is the best way to move yourself through a tough time.

Enjoy and be well. Love yourself and your life. You are Light, Stardust, and all good things. This sweet, juicy, and messy life is a super short run before we merge back to Spirit. And it’s so marvelous here. It’s pretty WOW over there too. But this life, well, it’s a  miracle. …and so are you!

with love and BIG Light,



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