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Your Greatest Power -- Patience

Uncategorized Feb 10, 2019

I’m often asked, “Laura, what is the most powerful skill I can have as an intuitive person? I’m feeling a little lost and shaky with my more random intuitive hits. What can I do to be more intuitive and more accurate?”

One might think it’s to have a strong intuitive ability of knowing, hearing, or a visionary skill. Yes, all of those are necessary, insofar as becoming a strong and accurate intuitive perceiver.

However, for me, these are not the most important skills.

You know we are all intuitive. You, me, all of us. Intuition is truly the most organic intelligence we have. It is hard wired into us.

Based on decades of experience in the fields of healing and medical intuition, the greatest power a person can cultivate is patience. Solid and esteemed intuition requires it.

It may not sound sexy or contemporary; however, it’s truth.

Without patience and the ability to have your mind and ego stand down and wait for that which is truth to arise, you will not be able to reach the core of an issue for yourself or anyone else.

Patience, is key to unlocking data in the art of medical intuition.

Anger, patience’s opposite, is caustic and penetrates cultures, individual’s minds, energy, and cellular structures. As an intuitive person, especially one who is strongly empathic and feels everything, be mindful of your own simmering anger or judgement. It can feel enlarged when our cranky emotions are saturated with others.

Anger never solves problems. It is the generator of such.

  • Patience creates space, allowing the roots of the issue to readily, and in some cases, more safely to arise.
  • Patience gives us time for honest reflection. It affords opportunity to look at ourselves, as well as what might be prompting and promoting anger within and around us. Pay attention to what’s yours and what isn’t.
  • Patience fosters revelations, which can lift our minds and lives to radiant levels of understanding and innovative problem solving.
  • Patience opens pathways to compassion to such a degree that we are lifted through thresholds of transcendent experience, changing us forever.

Cultivate patience within and toward yourself first and then with others. Remember, kindness is a forerunner to patience, as is mindfulness.

Next time you feel stressed and angry, sad or frustrated, pause and see if you can allow the feeling and, if so, it will compassionately melt sadness, anger, and envy.

In our lives and in our good works in the world, patience is required. And like all things, patience begins within.

Patience is the light and power from which comes tolerance.



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