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When Determination and Mystical Leverage Merge

Uncategorized Apr 26, 2023

As healers, we are brave and a little crazy. We naturally go into the darkness to shine Light. That’s your job as a healing person, no matter your station or occupation in life. 

In this Episode we’re talking about tough stuff and how the soul of you, the part of you which is divine and your intuitive voice is there to support you no matter what I happening. 

I’m sharing a portion of one of my Dark Nights, which I have found to be profoundly supported by the Light. 

Lean in and listen. Subscribe and leave a comment. Let me know how your soul connected in a time of Darkness and offered spiritual and mystical leverage to move you though such a darkened time. 

When you think about your dark times, don’t forget to pay homage to the Light in you. It’s there with you, all the time, every time.

What you’ll hear and hopefully ponder…

  • Connect with that part of you filled with the power of determination, not stubbornness. They’re a little different.
  • How does God, Universe, and Source (GUS) feel in your body when it steps in to inspire, support or help resolve an issue
  • Think back to a time or events when GUS merged with you and you experienced this connection of mystical leverage. 
  • How does your mystical self move fear from your mind and body

Relax, lean in and listen. Subscribe and leave a comment on your favorite listening platform. 

Share how your soul connected at a time of darkness and how you were offered this spiritual and mystical leverage to move you though your darker times.

Big HUGS and blessings from GUS and me,


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