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What Can Happen When You Seek Advice?

Uncategorized Feb 11, 2018


Have you been graced by a valid opinion?

Or have you been hit by an onion?

“Should I listen to this person’s opinion, or not? They are part of my inner circle; yet, it feels like I’m getting mix messages. What should I do?”

I get this type of question all the time in my intuitive consulting work. So let’s dive in.

But first, let me start with how this concept came about. The way my blindness is – seeing two direct-to-sight letters at time – every time I see the word ‘opinion’ my brain registers it as the word ‘onion.’ It makes me laugh.

So today, I want to share with you the idea that other people’s opinions can turn out to be onions in disguise.

I don’t know about you, but there have been times in my life when I’ve had opinions turn out to be onions. Because they can….

Sometimes, even when those close to us mean well, their opinion just doesn’t feel right. You wonder if they even heard your question correctly. You can’t put your finger on it, but something about the conversation went sour. At first you’re not certain. Hmmm…. Maybe, their opinion was an onion sprinkled with sugar.

A good opinion is all genius. An onion is genus Allium. Close in written appearance; yet, very far apart in function.

So how can you tell whether you’ve just heard a good opinion or you’ve gotten sacked with an onion? Here are some clues:

  • A good opinion is offered when the other person has knowledge, insight, and relevance to what you’re asking about. An opinion can be valid and valuable; especially, if the other person really hears your question and responds in kind.
  • A good opinion can direct you. It most likely matches the direction your inner compass was pointing toward. You already knew. It makes sense. Even if you don’t know the subject matter you’re seeking advice on, a good opinion will still feel right.
  • A good opinion can be a catalyst to move your ideas and goals forward. It will spark your inner genius. Then, your intuition will deliver the information you need, kindled by that on-target outsider’s opinion.
  • A good opinion will feel just that, GOOD! When someone offers a good opinion, it feels grounded, true, and matches your inner tone, so to speak. Even if you weren’t thinking along the lines of their opinion, it will still ring true. Take it in and evaluate some more.

But what about opinions that are disguised as onions? Here are some tips to tell when you’ve been handed an onionated opinion.

But first, here is the most important onion caveat: haters never offer opinions. Only onions. Step away from the onion immediately.

For everyone else you hang out with, here are clues to watch for when a verbal onion comes flying your way:

  • If you’ve asked them for an opinion, or they have offered one without you asking (sigh), their onionated opinion can turn to compost. Meaning, those opinions don’t hold up over time. They aren’t true for you. As a result, an onion can rot your motivation.
  • An onionator can smear slimy gooey stuff all over your awesome dreams, ideas, and plans. Beware of nay-saying onionators.
  • Onions can be peeled, one layer at time. Revealing God knows what when you get to the core.
  • An onion can be transparent. Perhaps, exposing the other person’s true agenda; which has nothing to do with your needs, wants, or desires.
    Sometimes, onionated opinions just reek. It doesn’t take long to figure out what they’ve said is not for you.
  • Onionated opinions can be tempting, but they can also upset your belly and give you heartburn – the seats of your soulful power. Be mindful regarding what you’re willing to swallow.

After years of helping others find and trust their deeper information, if you smell an onionated opinion, be kind, listen if you like, and take that opinion with a grain of salt. Or ignore it. Especially, if they are being poisonous, ranting, or sending some mental opiate your way – hoping you fall under their spell.

It’s really best, on a day-to-day basis, to let go of other people’s opinions. Opinions often bump up against your truth and power. It’s exhausting. The contradictory energy will wear you out and can stymie your dreams.

Pay attention.

Trust the information your soul has firmly planted in your inner garden. Get your blue jeans on, dig in, and get on with your life. You are in charge of the fruits of your choices and labor. No one else.

Your opinion is what matters most of all. No matter what, you’ll always circle back to that place you know holds your truth. Where there is truth, there is soulful power. Start there next time you’re tempted to go outside of yourself.

If you still need a valid opinion on a matter, which does happen from time to time, go for it. But be aware of flying onions.



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