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Two Healers and A Mic - Energy and The Winding Road Of Healing

Uncategorized Jan 26, 2023


I know youll enjoy this weeks Voice of Intuition Podcast. Its like putting two healers in a car for a long road trip down a country road. 

It’s always fun to have Scott join me on the show and this episode is no different.

Sooooo, come along for a ride! Scott Clover, an intuitive energy healer, joins me this week. Cruise with us as we move through and dive into healing and energy work.

The topics and insights were bouncing off the wall. Here’s what you’ll hear….

  • Healing ancestral patterns
  • Personal boundaries
  • Interconnections —cellular, energetic, and emotional patterning
  • Somatic emotional healing
  • Your very own personal Snow Globe”
  • …wait for it! Right after we start the snow globe conversation, surprise visitors showed up!!

Thanks so much for listening! Truly! Send me a note and let me know what topics you'd love to hear!


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