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Three Intuitive Steps to Courage

Uncategorized Dec 07, 2017


You’re in a boat. The water is warm. If you fall in, at least you won’t freeze. But it’s choppy. And you’re in deep. Beefy waves rise up and lick the top of the boat. It’s scary out here. The land is so far away and shrinking to the degree you feel as if you’re looking at a postcard.

What do you do when your life feels adrift? Especially, when you know that those around you can’t really help. How do you settle your mind so that your body can let go of the built-up energy and tension that has rippled through it?

Normally, you’re a cool-minded person. Levelheaded. Easy to be around. You’re empathic. You get other people. But you’re not getting you; at least, not in this moment.

You recognize that the distance between you and the shore marks your inner separation. Take a moment and intuitively glance within.

How far from shore is your boat?

Instead of keeping your eyes on the distant shore where dreams and destiny dance in cool shadows, it’s time to turn the lens inward. But how? I mean, to anyone else, and even parts of yourself, your life looks pretty good right now. Yet, you find yourself a little too far from shore. Waves are churning. And so, too, is the voice of your soul.

“I can handle this!” You say to yourself. After all, you’ve become skilled at funneling life through a garlic press.

You also know there’s a better way, and a new horizon; but, your inner compass continues to quiver past your true north. How do you change this? Because … it really does have to change. This aspect of self, which has gone seaward, is begging for a new oar. A motor. A sail. A new breeze in your voice.

When you change your compass needle, the tension will ease. You will mystically turnabout where, with synchronized effort between your inner strength and the curls and thrusts of the waves, you will reach your new horizon.

So what do you need to do this?


You know in your heart that’s the first thing you need to summon. Courage about your vision. Courage to make a choice and own it. Courage to harness inner strength. And courage to, perhaps, leave others behind — temporarily or forever.

You’ve now reached a point when you must rely on your own knowing and trust it. Courage begins with listening to and trusting yourself. Your body will guide you. It is a master at offering sensory-driven, directional information.

Breathe in and out of your body; breathing into your belly.


Breathe into your heart.


You will be just fine. Go, now, into your heart with breath, patience, and silence.

Be still. You cannot find courage from your chattering inner graffiti. It will drive you spiritually mad and keep you in the boat.

The soul-inspired spark of courage you seek resides in the heart. The jet fuel for courage — a magical concoction of determination, dedication, and self-respect — is united in the belly. Courage requires these elements. They are the navigational tools of step-by-step wisdom.

Courage trumpets the ever-steady connection between your soul and your mind. Your life depends on this link, and for you to harness the courage to which you have access.

It takes courage to love your self and others. It takes courage to listen to your inner wisdom; to own your gifted skills and apply them to your life in the direction that makes you the happiest.

It takes courage to break bonds with others when all levels of conversations have run their course. You are intuitive and smart enough to recognize a change forthcoming; or when you’re right in the middle of the heaving swells of change. You have courage. Life requires it.

If you find yourself in that boat, with soggy feet from rising and dipping waves, seek out the spark in your heart. Fuel it with the power that resides within you. Clarity, direction, and peace of mind will be yours once again.

When you need courage, follow these three simple steps:

Find the spark.

Ignite the spark.

Let that Light lead you, keeping the boat’s bow pointed toward your new horizon.


With Love,


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