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The Big Sunday Snooze

Uncategorized Sep 09, 2018

After the age of twelve, it seems like every season of the year is busier. I often think of soft afternoons when I’d climb the crooked pine boards nailed into the willow tree in our back yard. I’d make myself at home on the platforms my brother and his pals hammered into the tree. (Sorry tree.) But it was a mighty tree and a magnificent fort. That’s where I’d rest on sunny or misty days. That was my spot; on the willow’s highest tier.

What was your dreamy summer spot?

The last few busy crazy weeks of summer reminded me that rest and checking in with my body is a favorite and necessary thing to do. How about you?

My sister Christine and I joke about how we can assign ourselves things to do if we get bored. Christine is the Queen of self-assignments. In fact, her nickname is Busy Bee! That’s how she earned her Ph.D. Rest and reflection? Well, she’s working on it.

Sister Kate is good at chilling; especially, after a hectic day of assessing toys, rides, and making certain the ratio of pixie dust per quest is “practically perfect in every way.” Guess where she works?

Brother John, whose home is nestled amongst rolling hills, and I are like the old Bartles & Jaymes wine commercials.

Me: “That’s a beauty of a tree over there John.”

… five minutes later.

John: “Yep, it’s really pretty in the spring and fall.”

He and I know how to chill… with trees.

We all have our way to chill, rest, and reflect. At home, mine is the rocking chair on the back patio. I sit. I rock. I breathe in the forest mojo of the 100 foot oaks that fill the backyard. The trees and I regard each other.

Resting is a skill that needs to be acquired for some of us.

This week, I created a gentle guided meditation for you, The Sunday Snooze.

Lie down. Chill out. Nap. Dream. Heal.

With the love and healing zzzz’s.


Access this meditation here 



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