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Taking a Global Pause

Uncategorized Mar 22, 2020

"Our reality is partially blind now. If we stand still, a visible way will emerge and we will reach the unreachable star."

How are you doing my friends?  I've been thinking about all of you, praying for your family's well-being. I also want to thank you for writing, asking how my tribe is doing and sending your prayers our way. I'm so very touched. 

I, like you, am protecting my family, even long distance. We're a little too spread out for this momma bear's arms to reach around my kids and siblings; but, we're okay. I'm keeping an intuitive watch. I bet you are too! 

We all feel it. This new and unprecedented change.

Your calm mind will help maintain a calm heart. Your intuitive self-awareness is critical here. Our perspective on life and how we move through it is in radical flux. We will awaken and heal as we scurry back to one of the truths about life we’ve forgotten ...nature rules.  

These are pungent uncertain times.

Trusting in the steadiness of faith, we are coming together in new ways. Laughing and crying together. Sparking ideas that will reset a heartbeat that may feel like it’s fading. 

I do know this...where there is mayhem, miracles arise. 

Each of us have the mental and emotional challenge to stay steady. To be a voice of comfort and calm, of information and emotional evenness for each other. 

I felt a subtle shift on March 18th, as more stayed ensconced in their homes. Virus numbers will go up as more are tested and it spreads. We know this unfortunate truth.

However, the curve actually demonstrated a greater likelihood to flatten from the 17th to the 18th, as opposed to spiking toward system stresses. 

Please do be mindful and not too casual if your city is not, yet, in lock down. Stay home, if you're not one of the brave "essentials" so desperately needed. 

It’s a sticky virus. It's young and virile and doesn't know how to behave, except to survive, at any cost. 

Step back from your typical busy day impulses and create a new way, just for a while. Give yourself and others a chance so miracles can arise.  

Taking time to breathe and pause, coming back to what really matters. Nature alway brings us back home. Whether strolling through a cathedral of towering trees or cozying with loved ones at home while this virus drifts through our global winds.

Identities are changing through this, as we create a new congruency. Will it hold? We'll see. What we create that matches our rebooted creative nature should stay. At least that's my prayer. 

I feel your tears as I read through your emails. It makes my heart spin. Getting out of cities just in time to a safer family-filled living situation. Family businesses - restaurants, bakeries, pizza shops, salons, yoga studios and more are closing down in unfathomable numbers across the world. Empty stores, ships, planes, buildings and infrastructures. On and on our collective stories merge, as there is heartbreak and deep concern, blooming with the unprecedented.

Sister Kate, who works for Disney, cried as she watched the last fireworks display at the Magic Kingdom a week ago. Even The Mouse needs to duck and cover to protect the masses.

Then, on Wednesday, something shifted. Some of you I've connected with this past week felt it too. I know the shift is from people starting to stay home. I also know your prayers are at work, pressing new outcomes to emerge. 

Tetter totters require weighted pressures, points of attention, on the opposite ends to help each side reestablish a cohesive balance. 

Where are your points of attention and intention? In my view, we must not match the energy of the virus, uncontrolled and sweeping. We must hold faith and pray. Meditate. Exercise and keep physically strong. Keep our sense of humor alive, as well as our common sense and our intuition awake, connecting with each other. 

There is concern here. However, there is no need to be an alarmist when you're intuition is up and running. You can see, feel and know what you need to do. You can detect the rise, fall, proximity and duration of this virus as conditions change. Use that inner information to be prepare, stay safe and sane.

You're bright, intuitive and adaptable. Use those skillful means.

Our world is operating one day at a time, one hour at a time, which is all we've truly ever had. We are strong and connected to each other.

Solutions are being invented and delivered faster than any global government or private business has ever had to move in human history.

We can do this, as clumsy as it may look on the outside. The unknown is quickly becoming known as we work together. 

Moving through this unknown is a time of potential great awakening. Hold Steady. Focus on the great possibilities that can arise. Focus on what is essential and valuable, wrapped in the most positive light you can muster. 

Have faith in God and humanity. 

Keep your mind coming back to center. Flow with faith as our sinewed human Spirits come to the fore and see beyond this dilemma and the instinctual panic. 

Intuitively-delivered information is saturated with step-by-step common sense. Listen to your voice and the knowing you feel in your body. Trust the elegance and simplicity of nature, of your faith-filled prayers that are reaching beyond the miles.  

Reposition your heart toward our collective North Star as we move through this and begin anew. All of us will certainly begin again, as our resilient Spirits are reinventing what's now, new and next. 

We will reach the unreachable star. 

With my whole heart,

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