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How to Recharge Your Core Energy

Uncategorized Jul 08, 2018

What can do when you just can’t keep going anymore? Your mind has too many thoughts. Your brain doesn’t know how to organize those thoughts and your body feels crowded by an encroaching sphere of chaos.

That feeling of just being ahead of careening energy isn’t your imagination. It’s a reflection of imbalance and lost mojo. Stress displaces and clogs our energy. It jams nervous system’s signals and jacks up (or down) hormones.

When this happens your body and energy fields are at odds. Energy and the chaotic mind are pushing your nervous system’s receptivity — your empathic radar — out toward the leading edge of your energy field, anticipating “what’s next.”

There is a way to find balance the moment when you realize you’re being hijacked by your own thoughts.

This simple practice can be thin-sliced depending on what you do in the moment. It will help to align and recharge your energy. Because what you’re seeking is your own level of Intuitive Wellness.

This practice will steady your core. It will ground you in your body and in your belly, where your most powerful intuitive radar exists.

You can do this anywhere, as long as operating heavy machinery isn’t involved. You do need to be sitting or standing, so chasing toddlers or running through a store are not your best choices. You can do this practice in an elevator, standing in line, at home, in a park, on a subway or tube. If you have a noisy household or office, head for the closet, bathroom, or step outside for a moment.

Phase One: Sit or stand with your feet flat on the floor. Keep your mind’s attention at that point of the connection until you actually do feel your feet and the floor as if they are one. If this Phase is all you have time for that is good enough for the moment.

Phase Two: Call in light/energy from above and bring it down through the top of your head. Let the shaft of light sink through your torso and into the ground. Choose whatever colors or combination of colors organically occur in your mind.

Phase Three: While your connected to the ground and the light is moving from crown to earth, take your mind’s attention to your belly and let the energy begin to pool there…in your solar plexus area. Breathe in and out as you’ve done before. Stay in this Phase until you feel a calm sense and an easy fullness of energy. You may feel emotionally stronger, more centered, etc. That is the point of this practice. Check in with your body from time to time to see how your core is feeling. Repeat any or all Phases as needed.

May you be calm, at ease, and centered - click here to access the meditation.


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