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RAW EMPATHY - Part 2 Dealing With the Unseen World

Uncategorized Jul 21, 2019

Perhaps, breaking all of this down for you may feel a bit heady. Yet, when you’re suffering; when you believe that you have no power to change your circumstances; when you’re sick, sad, or financially challenged there is no better direction to go than within.

You’ve probably heard of the Law of Attraction. Fun stuff, right? If you want to attract your soul’s and heart’s desire, well, you need to know what’s coming into your energy field. That’s the unseen world. 

 To tap into the unseen world, you need to go within. You must enter into your powerful intuitive system in order to gather information for new awarenesses and self-healing. 

What I know is that when you understand the relevant details that are teaming in the unseen world, unnecessary pressure is released; along with the suffering provoked by fear of the unknown — the worry over what’s happening and what’s next.

That is why you awaken and keep working on developing your understanding of your intuitive system. So the unknown is known, as much as it can be, as it relates to your life.

This is why the power of understanding Raw Empathy is so important.

Raw Empathy is the level of intuitive awareness that brings about the very first sensation of energetic pressure, letting you know that something is either incoming or outgoing. Mind you, this sensation is energetic pressure without panic.  

These early sensations embodied by Raw Empathy reflect a powerful action and the flow of living physics. This information can be healing, timeline related, and filled with data about your life. It’s wise for you to be clued into it, insofar as what’s happening.

The art of being present includes oneness and with that the presence and awareness of multiplicities and simultaneity. I’ll write about getting hung up on trying to achieve presence soon enough. But for now….

Admit it. We are the coolest creatures ever!

What’s in your field is Now, New, and Next.  It is about the presence of simultaneity. That’s why I’m breaking down these various levels of perception for you. You’ll discover the oneness eventually.

We are at a time when we need to know ourselves as deeply as possible. We need to know how to co-create what’s true, authentic, and real for ourselves and for our loved ones.

 We need to be able to show up when the Gods call.

We need to understand the structure of what guides us day in and day out — our conscious and unconscious mind, our Spirit, our soul, our energy, our emotions, and our bodies. 

So, let’s get started with the first stage of Raw Empathy.

Recapping, last week I introduced you to the concept of Raw Empathy — a level of intuitive empathy and awareness in which you feel energy; however, the ability to discern what it is, where it came from, or what is its direct and personal impact to your system initially remains unknown.

There are three stages within the larger level of Raw Empathy. I’m sharing the first stage with you today.

Before I go there, I want to say that all three stages within the broader level of Raw Empathy are well-defined. You can move through them very quickly. Sometimes it only takes a second or two.

At times, however, you may linger in one particular stage for an extended period of time. It could even become a default stage in which you can hang out for years.

Also, keep in mind that there are patterns and purpose to each one of the stages within the larger level of Raw Empathy.

Where there is a pattern, there is an opportunity for change. That’s a truth.

Nothing is without grand design. The design, and the way you experience it demonstrates the wakefulness of your most intimate and integral relationship. The triune between God - soul - self.

Before we get too far ahead of ourselves, it's important to acknowledge this trio, as it is the pathway for you, in whatever style, language, or form honors your way.  

When you feel overwhelmed and overburdened by energy brought about by a situation, you need to remember that your body’s response is part of your intuitive system. It’s all good. Your intuitive system is always in operation. Information is constantly signaling you though your energetic and physical systems. God, soul, and self are expressing through you.  

The most important aspect of working with your sweet empathic self is, how do you deal with the unknown? To understand anything, you need to break it down to its core structures.

Raw Empathy’s first, and the potentially most annoying stage is, “Rarified Awareness.” You’re aware of something; yet, you don’t know what you’re aware of.

it’s airy, out of range, or undefined.

Whoa! Super frustrating, right? You’re impacted by energy. You’re feeling pretty wonky and you don’t know why. No name. No label. No directional clue.

The fact that something is generating a physical response and you don't know why; well, the “why” ends up becoming the larger problem. It creates an exacerbated level of frustration and fear.

The great unknown has just said “Hello!” to you without explaining a thing. Talk about an energetic elephant in the room!

The way to move more gracefully through this stage of Rarified Awareness is to land more solidly within yourself. To do so, the situation requires two of your most elemental skills.

  1. Breathe low and deep into your body. (I know, that breathing thing again!) Breathing won’t give you information, which is why you’re panicking. Yet, breathing will calm down your system. Most importantly, breathing begins the process of shifting your intuitive (and cognitive) perspective.
  2. Once you feel more centered. Stand still or sit down where you feel comfortable. Close your eyes. Shift your mind’s perspective to where you are the observer, looking at your self as if you are at least 10 feet away from your body.
  3. Now feel, see, hear, and gather whatever intuitive impressions are offered. Keep in mind that nothing — absolutely nothing — may come to you. That’s okay. Because what you’re REALLY doing is practicing shifting perspective. It sounds simple, but it’s a critical point that a lot of people don’t handle well.

SIDE NOTE: Intuition is all about perception. When you breathe, you shift perspective, the angle by which you are perceiving. By suggesting that you breathe may be boring, not sexy, or shiny. I get it. Yada Yada goes your mind.

YET, breathing is the first required step in your ability to change perspective, which can lead to advancing and changing intuitive levels of perception.

Not being able to shift perspective keeps you in suffering

As soon as you successfully move your mind’s awareness to outside of your body, and you’re viewing yourself outside of yourself, you’ve jimmied the lock that opens the gateway to the second level of Raw Empathy — “Activated Awareness.”

You are now moving away from the stage of Rarified Awareness, which is the most unnerving stage where the queen of intuitive irony exists — being intuitively aware of something, yet, your awarenesses are undefinable.

Ahhh, yet, it’s still ripe with untold potential.  Don’t shine it on too fast.  Sit with not knowing. 

If you’re too anxious and have to know what’s happening, this rarified stage can make you slip back into Instinctual Empathy, where more fear, worry, and anxiety exists. But once you reach these upper levels of Raw Empathy and what exists above them, you’ll break new ground of personal strength, confidence, and intuitive skills.

Again, by nature, we are top-down creatures — soul to self. Yet, we live from self to stuff. If we’re aware, and in earnest about our spiritual growth, we move back to soul, joined with self and live a more awakened life.

Your practice for this week is to sit quietly and breathe. Then move your mind out and away from your body, looking at and sensing your body from various perspectives. Even if you’ve done this before, keep practicing.

It’s a fundamental drill to increase intuitive awareness and skill. Increase connection to the unseen world. Increase your confidence and self-awareness, -respect, -love, and -esteem.

Fundamentals are grounded foundations for a reason. All of the otherworldly skills of intuition are brought to bear because you are fundamentally strong in your base-line intuitive skills.

If you want to effectually and accurately communicate with your body, purpose, and your gifts you must have foundational understandings down solid, solid, solid.

For instance, if you have a sincere desire to develop a personal relationship with your angels, to have them come close and connect, you’ve got to be able to handle their Light ... and it’s hot stuff! Fiery power of the ultimate kind. That kind of grace is not for the meek. 

If you haven’t figured it out, I’m not a “hand-me-an-intuitive-certificate-in-a-weekend” kinda gal. This territory is deep and rich and enlightening in the truest sense of these words. 

I’m grateful and glad you’re here. Because you’ve got work to do in the world! Well done you!

Lots of love, 

P.S. You never know what adventures are floating in your field, ready to move into your life. Feeling the effects of Raw Empathy is your first clue that life is afoot. How exciting and rewarding! More coming next week. Until then....


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