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[Practice] How to Help Heal Yourself and Others

Uncategorized Aug 18, 2019

In her book, The Power of Intention, Lynne McTaggart writes about a study directed by Dr. Elizabeth Targ. The study was conducted by the California Pacific Medical Center, funded by the N.I.H. (National Institute of Health.)

This rigorous study investigated the efficacy of remote healing and prayer on advanced HIV/AIDS patients.

Forty healers were invited to participate in the study, which took place over several years.

I was one of those healers.

During the sessions conducted in the study, I'd record my activities, such as various protocols unique to my work, healing methods, and other data.

I’d sit quietly in my home with an image of my person. Using various methods, I’d focus on kindness, healing, navigating energy and physical anatomy, as well as  intentional words toward their body’s wellness and the beauty of their life.

Healing is a dance between Thy Will and my will. 

It was a powerful and changing experience for me. I prayed it was for my person too. 

We all have the power to speak healing words and project positive energy and love over others, near or far.

We have the power to speak healing words and project the same loving thoughts and energy toward ourselves too.

A question …. in the last few weeks or months, how often have you spoken kindness to yourself?

A quick, "You're awesome!" A glance in a shop window, "You're beautiful!" Not an egocentric applause fest. An appreciative kind nod.

When you see a reflection of yourself in the mirror, do you love yourself or roll your eyes and spew your style of venom?

Are those words worse when you’re feeling worn out and spent? Or are you rough on yourself, pretty much all of the time?

Are these really your words, or are they a cacophony of how you remember others have shamed or argued against your choices and experiences from the past?

Have people told you look great? That they wish they had a jacket like yours? “You always have the best things.”

Or is it your car, house, or easier work schedule they covet?  Such silly things really.  Yet, what we project onto ourselves and others matter.

Instead of letting those weird or negative words wash over you, perhaps, you’re feeling their pain and envy. Those words and energy soak into your empathic self. Whoa! A negative response occurs and you sabotage yourself so you don’t shine.

Well, enough of that.

Look ... we get exhausted, overstressed, popped by others opinions, and zapped by self-inflicted over-scheduling.

Like the broccoli soufflé I tried to cook last week, we can become downright burnt.

We forget to take care of ourselves, especially with our words.

The good news is healing is not rocket science. You can help yourself and others feel better.

Whether it’s over long-distances, in-person, or looking in the mirror at yourself you can speak kind and healing words. Yes, you can.

Over the last month or so we've been talking a lot about empathy and self-care for empaths.

The use of our words toward ourselves, particularly when we're exhausted, can be very telling.

How kind are you being to yourself?

It’s been an extraordinarily stressful time in my client’s lives over the last three or four months. In some cases, it’s been absolutely debilitating.

Minds are scattered. Bodies are hurting. Hearts and eyes swell with tears over what used to be a simple level of frustration. It feels like we’re all going uphill.

We’re climbin’ the mountain sister!

There hasn't been enough time, sleep, patience, and vitality. Sadly, for some, there hasn't been enough money for bills and food.

Ladies and gentlemen, it's rough out there. Yet, you have a power inside of you that can never be extinguished.

This week, I'm going to keep it short and sweet. (Well, I can’t really commit to the short part.)

I'm going to ask you to take 30 minutes out of your day, and it's okay if it's only one day this week. But set aside 30 minutes.

I'm asking you to consider the following:

Take 30 minutes for yourself. Plant your sweet body in the most beautiful and comfortable place you can find — in your home or in nature.

Imagine, intuit, and feel beautiful opalescent light streaming into the top of your head and simultaneously envision light rising up from the earth. Allow these two directions of light to join together in your heart.

Breathe in the light. Feel the light. Be the light. Expand the light.

(Ask for a loving hand of Spirit, God, Jesus, Buddha, Padre Pio, or other beings of grace to comfort, guide, and protect you.)

For the first 15 minutes, speak kind and healing words over yourself, such as:

  • I feel love and healing deep inside.
  • I'm okay; I can do this.
  • Thank you for my life.
  • I can handle anything.
  • I love you, (and state your name.)
  • I am an instrument of peace.
  • I am free to be me.
  • I love and care for myself.
  • I trust my spirit.
  • I trust my life.
  • I ask for grace to fill me. Thank you.

… listen to the words that are encapsulated in the light that is streaming through you from the heavens and from the earth. Let healing words naturally flow from you.

Then, for the next 15 minutes, speak kind and healing words over someone else. Whether you know them or not. Of course, this can be a family member, a friend who is hurting, or a group of people on this planet.

So many people are under attack. There is darkness you know. Fear is part of that energy.

Is fear stopping you from your life? From your purpose? Just asking….

You, as a healing person, can handle it. You can shed Light into the darkness. That is what healers do.

In your final minutes of contemplative sitting, send a loving prayer of kind heart-felt words to all people, all animals, all plants that make up our earthly family.

To finish this process by saying, Amen or hallelujah or you go God or OM or thank you or peace be with you or whatever feels best in the moment.

Go where you’re guided.

All things, all beings, are worthy of our kindness, including ourselves.

Jesus, the master healer, spoke words over people who were present with him or those who were far, far away.

Distance does not matter. The intention of one's heart does. When we are guided by the holiest of Spirit, infused with the power of our own soul we can move mountains.

… and climb them.

Do not underestimate the power that graces your life.

In our transactional lives of doing this and that, being here and there, and facing challenges and great difficulties we forget.

We fall asleep and move away from our illumined conscious mind and conscious heart. Both of which are brilliant reflections of our eternal nature.

I get it. Life isn't easy. And so it is.

I also get that life is miraculous. Brilliant. Ever-changing and deeply satisfying. And so it is.

Will you? Will you sit with me and with others in this community and feel, receive, and share kindness and healing?

If you don't have 30 minutes, it's okay. Sit for five or ten minutes, dividing the time in half for yourself, someone else, and the planet.

To all of you, I thank you for being here in this community. For seeking through your own curiosity and diligence the Light that shines from you.

No matter what. No matter who comes against you. Even when it's your own stubborn delightful nature, never give up on yourself. Always let your Light shine.

Let your words reflect the truth and kindness of your heart. Next time you walk by a mirror and see your reflection, pay attention to the words that come into your mind.

If they aren't kind, change them immediately. Stay awake. Stay focused on the Light that you have and the grace you've been given.

May we all feel and experience the deepest expression of peace, healing, and love.

Until next time…


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