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PART 3 - Raw Empathy’s Other Powers

Uncategorized Jul 28, 2019

Empathy can be tricky. Debilitating. Emotionally freezing. When we get zapped with energy from being slighted at work, shamed on social media, or saturated with someone’s chaotic energy we feel overwhelmed!

We women, need to understand and awaken this superpower so that we can unfreeze our creative juices, move in the direction that our soul guides us, and live our most fulfilling life.

We need to intuitively lift our skills so we don’t feel overwhelmed to the degree that we’re gripping our toes into the floor to hold steady. You know what I’m talking about … such an uncomfortable and unnerving feeling!

If we don’t move our intuitive skills up the ladder, we cannot heal the following:




Poor gut health (This is a biggie!)

Playing small

Inflammation, both physical and emotional

Low self-esteem

Loss of our Spirit’s lifeline

Debilitated by others expectations of us


Endless goal/list-making, halted by fear of other’s opinions

Repression of your greatest gifts

On and on I could go … and so can you; because you know this to be true.

So, let’s get busy with the second stage of Raw Empathy.

Activated awareness is the second stage. It, too, demonstrates a physical sensation of energy; however, it comes without overwhelming you to the point of worry or anxiousness. Activated Awareness actually sparks your natural curiosity. “Oh! What’s this energy about?” You organically want to know more and to figure things out through intuitive inquiry and self-awareness.

You’ve been here. You know what intuitive curiosity feels like.

Activated Awareness is a much different response to unknown rarified energy — that catastrophic feeling and full-on panic.

The key skill within Activated Awareness, is that you’re beginning to sense some type(s) of structures within the energetic context of what you’re feeling. Meaning, the unknown is subtly and sensorially becoming known.

Some of these structure’s qualities you’re now sensing can be any combination of the following:


A sense of weightiness.

Texture — rough, granular, chunky, smooth, wavy, hard, pliable, and many more.

Form — sensing/feeling a cohesive shape to the energy your feeling. Also the beginnings of identifying energetic structures.

Viscosity — thick, thin, and slippery. You’re beginning to notice the internal friction between different structures of energy.

When you begin to intuitively feel these qualities you are out of instinctual and panic-laced responses to unseen and unknown energy. Energetic sensations are now becoming identifiable. Your nervous system relaxes.

Your intuitive system has opened up so that you can begin to discern separate qualities.

This is extraordinarily important because it moves you out of your primal fear into the genesis of intuitive discernment.

Your power of choice starts here! You now have a handle on what is tolerable and intolerable to you. That’s a huge awareness for empaths.

With clearer intuitive discernment you have engaged your power of choice!

It only gets better from here!

Recognizing that you’re at the stage of Activated Awareness and its various qualities indicates that you're heading toward an empathic finish line of skill-building.

As you shift through these stages, within nanoseconds you seamlessly merge with the third and final stage of Raw Empathy — Worldly Awareness.

This is not a complicated stage. You move in and out of this stage quite often. In fact, you are in Rarified, Activated, and Worldly stages of Raw Empathy throughout your day.

Worldly Awareness is the stage that brings into focus the more fuzzy and nondescript qualities and structures of Activated Awareness. You have a more 3rd-Dimensional intuitive/cognitive awareness of the energy you're sensing. More information is available to you, but systems are not fully connected. Your intuitive system has not yet lifted to the stage where the experience is that of live-streaming intuitive skills. I’ll say more about Worldly Awareness in a moment.

For now, let’s turn toward these three stages and put them back together. The information below will give you a sense of assuredness and calm, because you'll know where you're at intuitively, emotionally, and energetically.

Let me describe it this way….

Rarified Awareness is like walking into an absolutely pitch-black room. You feel something’s in the space; but, you don't know what this intangible thing is. It’s an unknown, which brings about anxiety. Your mind starts racing. Anxiety builds. Your mind attempts to find whatever it is you're feeling within the blackness. Your intuition and mind are like arms swatting through the air to find that “something."

Activated Awareness is like walking into that blackened room again. Only this time your sensory perception is more astute. You can now feel the objects that are in this space; feeling objects here and there, noting the subtleties of different sizes, shapes, etc. You're not afraid. You're actually excited and curious as to discover what all of this might be. However, meaning is not yet available. There are no descriptive words that come to mind. Yet, you can feel the words coming as if they are rolling forward from the back of your mind toward the tip of your tongue.

Worldly Awareness feels like a vacation compared to the anxiety of Rarified Awareness. Walking into that blackened room once again, your sensory awarenesses are only a smidgen better. However, what has changed are your emotions. Your sense of ease and understanding has increased. With that, you have greater intuitive discernment. Not everything is known or understood as to how it's connected; yet, you stand stronger. You’re not as vulnerable and raw. You’re now ready to step out into the world with confidence regarding this level of intuitive ability, ready to clarify the qualities of the energetic structures you are feeling. Empathic overwhelm is fast becoming a thing of the past.

There it is. The three stages of awareness within the level of Raw Empathy.




For this coming week, I'd like you to practice your silent meditation, which will always help you with the more fearful and anxiety-provoking aspects of empathy. Above or you can view it at 

Pay attention to when you feel the energy. Be aware of your emotions, as they are signals as to what stage of Raw Empathy you may be experiencing — anxiety, curiosity, or ease/confidence.

Notice how fast you move between the three stages of Raw Empathy. That is your primary practice this week — pay attention to your intuitive mind’s movement through these three stages:

Rarified — anxiety provoking and unknown.

Activated — discernment of structure’s qualities; curiosity.

Worldly — greater discernment with ease, power, and confidence.

Next week, we move into the final level of your Powers of Empathy. Can't wait!

My prayer is that you will become so aware of your empathic powers that fear, anxiety, and anything frozen within your life will thaw and dissolve.

Girl, you have work to do in this world and you can't be slowed down by not understanding and owning your power any longer.

Power up with the grace and elegance your Spirit holds.



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