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3 Key Truths About Being Intuitive

Uncategorized Jul 10, 2022

It’s a rare kinda lazy day here and I actually had a few quiet hours.  Sweet! 

I was thinking about some of my most blessed moments, when intuition has stepped in to save the day. That watchful eye and voice is so comforting; and I know this voice is not outside of us. 

I was thinking about what intuitive moments like have in common. Aspects of which have saved both my life and sanity. 

Life can mind-boggling, heart exploding (in a good way and even when sadness comes around - growth is good). Life is truly beyond anything I could’ve ever imagined. How about you? You can't make this stuff up, can you?

 To me, life is one “Bring it!” moment. No matter what it’s bringing! 

When it comes to intuition, I admit, when I was in my dingy, dark night of the soul, I used to cast off intuitive insights like a scratchy mohair sweater. 

Other times my intuitive life has jettisoned me up and out so fast I didn’t even know what day it was. One thing about being an intuitive-focused human is you simply can’t ignore it; at least not too often.

Here are 3 keys  I’ve learned when it comes to being an intuitive human being: 

  1. Be neutral until all your insights and facts are in. It's hard to be neutral sometimes. But worth it in the end. Life can provoke really strong emotions, which can either accelerate us forward or hold us back in an emotional state of worry or upset. Intuition, when listened to, always delivers us to what's next in our life. Like it or love it! We can go toward the mystery and joy or we can stop ourselves right in our tracks. Fear puts a wet blanket on our intuition. We need to be careful and this is why: It might seem a little odd to address trusting our intuitive selves this way; but here me out, As this is what's now and certainly next in our world. Artificial intelligence lands on data points. So, too, does your intuition. Artificial intelligence doesn’t allow emotions to stop its  success in building a mirrored path with those data points, one point at a time. That’s how your intuition works too. It helps build your amazing life path, manifesting and bringing forward one insight at  time. Except, if we're not careful, we'll derail our joy with fear. Enough of that. Right? Tech is great. Our ability to choose for ourselves is even greater. 
  2. Intuition is a system. A very intricate system. It is not a “hit.” It is not the A-ha! those are afterburners. You have a digestive system. Your car has a fuel system. We have an ecosystem on our planet. Trust me, your intuition is a system. (More on this easy breezy topic very soon.)
  3. Let’s talk about time. No one gets more time than they have been prescribed by the heavens. By your soul. By your destiny. When you need to rest, rest. When you need to stare at a tree in marvel at its beauty, do so. When you need to write your book, sit down, grab your phone or iPad and start dictating your thoughts. You know who I'm talking about out there. You precious shy authors!  Dictate first; organize  and edit later. Whatever you want to do; whatever you want to go in the world; whomever you have been angry at and either need to seek forgiveness or offer it, do that. Including being angry at yourself. Ahem... 

We enter this life in a certain manner with certain trajectories and paths. 

As a conscious intuitive human being, and as we age, it’s good to utilize the time we have in whatever makes us the happiest. 

Happiness, bliss, contentment-all are jet fuel which allows us to offer our greatest gifts to the world.

If you’re not happy, you’re not using your time wisely. Of course, I'm speaking about elongated sadness or anger. Not a bad day or week etc. We all have those.

If you’ve lost your bliss, stop and drop down on a patch of beautiful grass, a park bench, or swing your legs safely over an edge and gaze at the vista. Find yourself a new and far horizon.

Bliss might simply be hiding in plain sight In fact, I'm certain it is. I know, you’ve probably, inadvertently, stuck it in the wrong pocket.

To refresh, neutrality, understanding your intuitive system and voice, along with the understanding of your life's timeline are 3 of your most precious commodities. 

They're the greatest gifts you’re given, beyond your breath of life. 

Use these gifted skills wisely. Use them to be of service to yourself and others. How does the song lyric go?

“When you make someone happy, then you’ll be happy too.”

So true. 

Love ya — BIG time. πŸ§‘





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