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If It Doesn’t Fit —Don’t Do It, Wear It, or Be It

joy Oct 26, 2022


What’s in your closet? Do things fit? Are there treasure in there? Or is it a catch-all for things forgotten but not gone?

Here we go! Never knowing what lurks within the mind of my sister, this Episode’s guest, Dr. Christine Deitz is here! 

Christine has a mind like no other — never boring nor without questions. Her inquiry makes one cock their head to the side and think a little more deeply. 


It’s simple. Listen to and download the podcast. Then, head into your closet and see what’s there. What fits in your life and what doesn’t. This not your everyday decluttering.

Come out of your closet and go inside yourself. What fits in your life and what doesn’t? What do you love and what do you tolerate? Our things, habits, and choices, bring us new experiences, challenges, and best of all, our life bring us interesting conversations. 

What have been your inner and outer conversations lately? When we move forward within our lives, life gets exciting. It can also be challenging. I say, “Bring it!”

Without change, we slowly, wistfully shrink away and don’t manifest our dreams. Let alone hit our goals in life. 


Seriously, what do you want in your life?. Better yet, what does life need or want from you? You have gifts and you have them for a reason. ❤️

You can create anything you desire. Shift into a new paradigm by paying closer attention to the current habits that don’t fit any longer. You know what they are. 

Lean into marvelous thoughts of what you’d like to bring into your life — new people or a special person, meaningful work, travel, financial abundance, a new space, plain ol’ fun!

Most importantly, have faith in your life, in your self and the wisdom which flows through you. Wisdom such as this never leaves you. It cannot. It is you. 

With love, laughs, and new horizons, 



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