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How to Have a Happy Belly

Uncategorized Sep 28, 2019

We are healers all, in one way or another. Healers, whether you're in the healing arts or not, need systems, support, and language that enrobe your heart. You need tools, time, and conversations that address your healer within. Sometimes it needs to be about you.

Why? Because you are the one who is organically bound to be there for others. It’s your nature and calling. Because of that, you seek out and lean into trainings that are about how you can take care of others … not yourself.

You may have spent years learning this technique or that method. That’s all fine. Techniques are great; however, you’ve got all you need inside insofar as an innate system of knowledge and wisdom when it comes to healing yourself and others. I do hope you hear that voice and trust it.

It’s time to take care of your sweet empathic healer. As an empathic healer your Doppler radar is in the nerves that weave through the walls of your belly. Let’s begin there.

Look, I understand. You and I are not that different when it comes to taking care of others. Life’s calling impresses itself upon us throughout our spirit, mind, and body. 

To resist your calling as well as change is to amplify not only that which has impacted you; but, inflates a resistance and avoidance to what is your potential to awaken and heal and then serve others. 

We are here to awaken and to be in service of others who are also in that process. If we experience a morsel of contentment and a sliver of inner peace, at whatever stage we find relief from our suffering, as human beings who are interconnected, we help each other soothe a saddened or worried heart and watch them rise up on their own. We offer a steady hand, mind, and heart.  That’s the constitution of a healer. 

That’s the gig.  That’s the honor and privilege.  That’s the Way. 


 As you know, awakening takes on many forms.  To resist what life has brought forward is to amplify not only that which has impacted us; but, inflate both resistance and avoidance, shadowing our potential to awaken and heal.

Healing, like change, provides a continuous stream of opportunity to avail our eyes and hearts wide open.  

For instance, I was meditating the other day, watching my breath and moving my breath and body awareness downward; shifting my mental and energetic center of gravity. My intuitive sight caught hold of something as I entered into the wall of my stomach.

“Well, Hello there!” I chirped.

I had been drawn to an emotional and energetic impact which occurred about 4 years ago. I had not seen this before. However, I did notice that it had the directional movement of releasing. Ah, an opportunity to behold flow.

I thought I’d linger a while to witness in this natural process of  allowing and healing. I didn’t push, resist, or try to make anything happen.  All things are always observed in good time.

Laughter, tears, and heavy breathing, as in yogic fire breath,🔥spontaneously arose with vigor.

The emotions and impact were from finding my dearest friend on the floor after an accident. They had been lying there for hours. It was a big hefty event.

I knew that what’s new, which is coming into my life needed more room in regards to the embodiment process, so ... “Out you go impact. Love you. Thank you. Bye.”

I’ll will write about the Law of Displace in a few weeks. It’s an integral aspect of life and healing; much like gravity. 

We’ve all experienced emotional energy impacts … all of the time. Some impacts are more intense than others. Some are joyfully intense; some, not so much. How the body receives them and holds on, or not, is highly subjective and dependent on many factors.

Even though I had processed this situation before, there was obviously a lingering impact that was ready to let go and to be set free. I’m all for evolution!

Each time you acknowledge, embrace, and tend to parts of yourself that are hurting and/or holding you grow and evolve. That is one of the main reasons you are here. To heal through the body and awaken more and more. Healing is one of the many promises of earth school.

This week, enjoy the visualization you can find HERE. It’s both healing and provides skills for developing your intuitive faculty more and more. It will help you have a Happy Belly. 

If you want to read more about “emotional and energetic impacts”, I cover it in greater detail in my book, Intuitive Wellness. It’s filled with insights and great practices I’ve developed along the way. Be good to you!

Sending love to all parts of you, seen and unseen. ❤️

P.S. I hope you’ll join me for a FREE webinar on October 7th on conscious healing, intuition, and energy medicine! More details soon.


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