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How To Rebuild Trust


Trust offers us strength, resilience, and sure-footedness. I'm certain you've noticed trust has been shaken ... not stirred. Shaken.

The good news in all of this kerfuffle is we are given an opportunity to rise and find joy in small things again. To be given opportunities to go deep within and identify more clearly what is truly important to you and yours.

Another aspect I've noticed within the people is a new sense of self. These levels of awakening cannot be stopped. Don't try. Roll with whats new and waking up inside of you.

It's too on point and too difficult for you to ignore. You don't want to to discard these changes anyway. They are for you! For the practicality of life, as well as your  transcendent self. You are changing.

To regain trust in your world and to hear the new calling within, you have to lean into yourself a bit more. Garner the gift of discernment and go from there.

Most importantly, rediscover and listen to the spark ofLight in you. For you never know when inspiration strikes or when God's messengers will move in, illuminating your path.

Such is the case this week for me. In a more quiet voice than usual and after a seemingly typical meditation, things began to flow within my heart. So I grabbed my phone (hence the different tone of audio) and I just went with it. 

You have to trust yourself to become your wisest self. What sits solidly within your heart? To where and to what has your Spirit been calling you. Listen and I trust today's message offers a bit of soothing and opens a few inner doors for you. 

All my love, 


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