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How To Intuitively Clear Unwanted Pressure

Uncategorized Jan 13, 2019

[time to read: 3 minutes and 23 seconds; give or take a second or two.]

Change is the buzz word this time of year. Frankly, it’s rather boring.

Putting all that pressure on yourself to change all those things, again; because you didn’t hit the self-imposed mark last year.

Pressure like that is not productive. It’s punitive.

Negative self-pressure is a bad habit and tied to multi-tasking; not inspiration or motivation. We’ll get to that in a moment.

It’s exhausting and unreasonable. And by January 15th, statistics say, we’ve gone back to whatever feels more reasonable, good or not.

I say, start and stay with intuitive reasonability. Instead of… Do this. Do that. And do all of it perfectly at the same time. Ugh!

Media and technology taunt us into being creatures unlike who we really are — we are pushed into a dulled version of our true illumination.

Get over the pressurized need to change; unless there is a health, financial, or relational crisis. Then get your buns in gear with intuition and reason as your runway lights!

Change is going to happen with or without your intention to do so. And your intention to not do so is, of course, an intention.

Drop the self-critical pressure though. When you do, you organically tap into the power to shift what is out of balance by paying attention to the subtle changes that occur daily. These are your opportunities of choice and of change.

There’re opportunities 24/7 to alter your world, in small steps or bigger leaps.

“Life is a working vacation for the soul.”  This statement is a credo for me. It’s the banner statement of my Newsletter and one of the apogean teachings I encountered when I died.

It’s truth.

When we listen, this truth guides us toward the most honest choice we can recognize in the moment. Key word, “recognize.”

2018 reminded me, again and again, that we can’t push our agenda through an ill-fitting keyhole. And we mustn’t take anyone or anything for granted. It was a tough time for many of you, as we talked throughout the year. For you, your friends, and families.

It was a tough year for the brother-in-laws in my family. We lost two of them to the heavens and a third was in the hospital. Thankfully, he’s now well and back to his soul’s working vacation.

In 2019 release the pressure. Choose what and who is most important to your life (including yourself). How can you strengthen those relationships?

How deep are you willing to go to make a shift toward what you know is in your heart and soul? It’s not as daunting as it might feel. No additional pressure needs to be applied.

When it’s time for change, you’ll change. But don’t you dare use that as an excuse to not act on your intuitive guidance. If you do, I’ll send Charlie Brown’s friend Lucy and her Psychiatrist’s stand over to your house! Follow your inner wisdom.

This life is your soul’s working vacation  — filled with cresting hopes, dreams, destiny, and the guidance to move you toward what is true and authentic for you.

“Clarity, direction, and peace of mind bring patience and productivity.”

You’re not going to miss your life. You may choose to take a high road or a low road; the fast track or a provincial scenic route; but, you’ll have some measure of that destined experience. I can guarantee you that.

Instead of creating the ubiquitous list this year, take pause. Move your mind into your heart for a moment.


Intuitively ask, “What’s true for me, in regard to my relationship with myself … my truest path of being?”

Now, I know that may sound like a common mantra to you. Yet, with an intention of deeper sincerity — meaning an intention to open, align, and accept what the heavens have for you — you may end up with simplified clarity, which brings a more stellar life than you could imagine. 

The key is simplified clarity. We make things so complicated. I know I’m a pro at that and often have to back it down.

If you're a visionary, you have the same issue. As a visionary you can see it, know it to be true … then it’s, “Why the heck isn’t it here yet?”

Oh, yes! Divine timing. A time and place and action for all things on the path.

Now, let’s come back to multi-tasking, which I view as the Grim Reaper of intuition, invention, contentment, creativity, and all things life affirming.

Did you know the term “multi-tasking” was first cited in a magazine in 1966 to describe the capacity of computer’s operating system? The term describes a machine’s ability to produce and correlate multiple streams of data for God’s sake!

Multi-tasking has nothing to do with our brain’s capacities or the way our brain’s function.

Multi-tasking is NOT a lifestyle. It’s not a badge of self-worth or honor.

Stop thinking you’re able to do it; because, in truth, you can’t. We all stink at it.

Stop chasing multiple things at the same time! You’re hurting yourself. It’s unnecessary brain-crashing, hormones wrecking, and organ squishing pressure. 

“A man who chases two rabbits, catches none.” - Confucius.

Intuitively pick one thing that means the most to you at this time and put your focus there.

Be open to just that one thing, whatever or whomever it is. Large or small in scale and scope. Do it to completion.

Choose. Do. Complete.

Choose. Do. Complete.

Choose. Do. Complete.

One thought. One action. One triumph or failure at a time. Rise up and do it again.

Breathe and take yourself off the hook.

Allow 2019 to be your wisest and most pressure free year yet. May you discover the greatness of Spirit within you and invite all parts of you to come together in liveliness and joy.

Because, “life is a working vacation for your soul” and joy is its intention.


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