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[HEALING MEDITATION] - Getting to Know Yourself

Uncategorized Sep 08, 2019

Healing is something we all seek at one time or another. Whether it's physical, emotional, or spiritual we will seek and search for answers.

An important aspect regarding healing is getting to know yourself. It can feel like it’s being forced upon you … not a bad thing at all. Quite necessary, actually.

Stress. Following a path in life; then, suddenly looking up at the world and realizing, "Whoops!" Learning how to stand for yourself. Learning not to fuss over your own fussing. This and more we encounter as we wander through life in earnest.

Every nuance of what we are as soul and who we are in this life will present itself for examination. We are wise to take on that challenge willingly and with humility. Because we just never know what we’ll encounter when we look inside ourselves.

It's a poignant and punctuating experience to engage in the discovery of one’s self. Often we don’t have a choice with respect to the condition in which we find ourselves.

To be empowered is to know yourself. The more you know yourself the calmer life will be within you; even if life’s not necessarily calm on the outside.  You’re not in charge of external affairs.

Your position is to be the Head of Internal Affairs.

The less reactive you are the more compassion, creativity, and adventurousness you’ll experience. You’ll meet life within its is-ness.

You’re clearly capable of sinking into the moment, merging with the vast interconnection and complexities that make life stunning and elegant.

Life feels simple when nature and you are in harmony with truth.

Truth is not what we believe to be true. I'm speaking of truth, insofar as the alignment with cosmic harmonious law, which rises and falls in our awareness. It takes a spiritually open, even vulnerable heart, to hear the divine muse. What we think, what we believe can sometimes be a hinderance. 

This week I'd like you get to know yourself even more. Have a conversation with the most profound part of what you are. Take notes. Pause and be breathless. Be in awe of what animates you — your soul and Spirit, which are two different aspects.

Healing Visualization:

Set aside some quiet time.

Sit comfortably in a chair. You can curl your legs up in the chair if you like or have your feet flat on the floor. The point is to be comfortable and in a natural state in which your body feels at ease and peaceful.

Have water, a pen, and paper nearby.

Take a few deep breaths in and out allowing the mind to sink down out of the head. Let the energy of your mind float freely downward, moving the center of gravity of your mind and energy toward your belly.

When you feel ready, using your own words invite in, with respect and homage, the presence of your soul. Request that some aspect of your quintessence be revealed to you.

Let go of all expectations in respect to what experience could or should be. Your heart is bowed in reverence.

This is not about flipping energy here and there. This is a request, a beseeching, an invitation to the heavens from your open beating heart — the deepest and purest part of you.

This is not a petitioning process. It is not the time to ask, “What should I do next?" “When is life going to be easier?” "Should I move to Timbuktu?”

I recommend that you don't question when and if you see anything in your mind’s eye, if you hear anything, feel a gentle pressure, warm, or cold sensations on your body. If something should occur, reverently say, “Hello."

A sudden flicker of existential phenomenon is not enlightenment.  Though it can be a sign post to which one can nod, then move on.

We move through our days too fast. I, too, have to stop and remind myself that the busyness of my life is not my life. Tasks are not what makes my life beautiful. For me that is silence. Laughter. Nature, deep connection, and the quirky and circuitous routes to fulfilling my being and purpose.

Speaking of which ... we all have multiple purposes in life. Typically, there is one incredibly strong, can’t-ignore-it-if-you-tried calling. Purpose and calling are complementary; yet, a calling is different. I’ll write more on these subjects later.

For now though, as you approach this practice, clear the time so you can sit in a chair or under a tree or at your favorite park and invite yourself to come a little closer to your inner home. Invite the soul to reveal itself to the self.

You may feel the electrical sensations of your soul. It may feel soft, warm, and slightly undulating. Fullness, hovering over or around you. There are unlimited sensations ... and you could feel nothing.

A lack of body sensation does not mean that you have not connected. Let me make that super clear. Not everything is fireworks when it comes to a spiritual connection.

The sublime can be extraordinarily subtle.

You may arise from this healing meditation not feeling anything. Yet, a few hours a thought may seep into your mind, “Hmmm, I didn’t really feel anything, but I feel better.”

To know yourself is important. To know your soul is imperative.

Enjoy your contemplative moments this day and every day.

With love,





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