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Five Steps to Get Unstuck

Uncategorized Oct 07, 2018

We all get stuck. Hung up. Rattled and confused about which direction we need to take in a project, relationship, or our life.

“Is my partner right really right for me? What about my work; it’s not going anywhere? My money! Goodness, it goes out faster than it’s come in!”

Me? I get stuck. Not for too long though. But I feel that pain too. We all do.

I owe my unstuckness to a certain love affair that reminds me of the way out of that funky, stuck-in-pea-soup-fog place.

I have a love affair with fog. I do. Fog is a gateway to the unknown. The unseen. It shrouds the potential of what’s new, magical, and maybe even miraculous.

Fog, like being stuck, is manageable. You don’t collapse into the funk. You adjust.

Fog happens, externally and internally. It hangs in the air, or your mind, obscuring the view until light burns through it.

When fog hits your life, keep it simple. Follow these steps. Imagine you're on the road, which you metaphorically and spiritually are. Do exactly what you’d do if you were driving in a dense fog.

Slow down and keep your lights shining downward, aimed on the road right in front of you. Don’t use your high beams; they will obscure your vision more.

Forget the rose-colored glasses when you’re stuck. You’re stuck. Own it. Put on your ever-so-cool yellow-lens aviators (intuition); they’re especially designed to cut through fog. They’ll help clarify your path; even if the entire road is silent, dense, and unclear. 

Simple wisdom and the skills that arise from that wisdom helps keep us calm, safe, and steady-as-she-goes.

Next time you’re feeling stuck in life, relationships, or your health and you don’t know where to turn; work with those feeling as if you’re driving through a fog. Because you’re in it. You might as well get good at navigating it. It’s the way through it. Life doesn’t do u-turns well. You have to go through it.

  1. Slow down.
  2. Adjust your inner lens.
  3. Move mindfully.
  4. Keep your Light close to the ground in front of you.
  5. Your inner wisdom is enough to light to path.

You never know how long a fog will last. What is certain is that it will lift. It always does.


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