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Find Your Voice - Enter The Forest of Inner Narratives; Part 1

Uncategorized Feb 01, 2023

This is Part 1 of this 3 part mini-workshop. Let’s find and refine your intuitive voice. We all have inner stories, narratives which arises when we are in different frames of mind and when our emotions are active — happy, sad, angry, whatever. 

Listen in. I invite you to grab your journal and do the work. Let’s see what happens! 

In this Episode, through story and intuitive work, we’re diving into the work of discovering the threads, archetypes, visions, and voices which shape your inner narratives and your voice.

Our inner narratives shape our life’s path. These storied voices can merge with and encourage or override the voice of our intuition. 

They can mask or alter our voice; shut it down; allow your voice to feel accepted and soar; or any derivation of such.

In this Episode you’ll hear and work with….

  • Gently and mindfully write down the variety of emotions you might be feeling recently
  • Discover the inner narratives associated with those emotions and feelings — what habitual phrases pop into your mind when you feel what you’re feeling
  • How have those those narrative, which can be positive or not, moved your desires forward or slowed you down
  • What archetypes have shown up in your visions, dreams, or inspirations
  • How have they instructed and inspire your path



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