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Feeling Under Pressure? Let's Fix It!

authenticity clarity Oct 13, 2022

Let’s minimize the pressure, shall we? For us to chill out more easily we need to observe and learn about what we see, which may invoke unwanted feelings. We have to be brave enough to feeeel. We don’t discover the way out of fear or a tough situation, filled with pressure, until we feel what’s real in the moment.

Allowing your courage to rise in the middle of fear brings you into the realm of fearlessness. This helps you move through life in a completely different paradigm. We move from a paradigm, and the habits within that paradigm, of being scared, nervous, negative into a place where we can learn how to rise and keep moving forward.

Here’s a quick tip: Have a problem? Visualize the issue and smile into it. Yep. Project a smile right smack dab in the middle of the problem — into the energy or emotions of the problem. See what happens. For me, different doors or pathways through the issue begin to be revealed and I discover ways through, around, and out that I hadn’t yet thought of. 


The simplest act can ease our mind and body. It’s something we do all of the time; yet, ironically we constantly need reminded of — to breathe. We don’t want fear to lock us out of our own lives. 

We can be in a place of fear due to a physical condition, or emotions, and even feeling lost spiritually. if we stand still for a moment and breathe we discover we’re not lost; nor are we so afraid.


I think you may be able to relate to this. We all have difficult times in our lives. Sometimes, the emotional or physical pain mute or at minimum dims, our inner wisdom — our inner philosopher. 

When we’re in any kind of pain, we want to run away from it as fast as we can. I learned how to do the opposite. To stay present. To walk on through the storm and do your best to listen, cope, learn, and grow along the way. “You can’t turn the corner until you reach the corner” in our lives.


At first, it’s not easy to keep moving when problems or pain stops us; yet, it gets easier with practice, like most things. To help you find and plump up your fortitude, you turn your mind around. You call back a positive thought; a positive attribute about yourself you know to be true; a slice of wisdom that arose from you or from someone else. To turn your mind’s attention around us the most powerful first steps to shifting directions. Keep it simple and it needs to feel true.


You have such dynamic power. It’s a positive life-giving power. It is wise, subtle, and comforting. When you slow down and turn your mind around you have access to calmness and peace so; and even more importantly, do you have access to solutions. It’s all inside of you. You have the inner tools you need. So many of you have studied so much about your spirituality, energy medicine, healing, meditation, all the ways we can create our own intuitive wellness. You are by nature wise and you have honored your wisdom with knowledge.


If you’re in need of wisdom, and this happens to all of us when we’re buzzed up with anxiety, confusion, or fear, take your mind to your heart. It is the seat of your soul. It is where seeds of wisdom have been planted by the omnipresent power you are. There are always answers there for you. You may not like them, you may not understand their pathway in the moment at first, yet, if you allow, trust, and take a step forward…you’ll see how to create your own miracles in life. 

In my work as an integrative medical intuitive, beyond looking at the physical structure and function of the heart, I am allowed to see the (soul-level) seeds planted in your heart which reveal the power of your talent, your gifted skills, the many points of purpose you have in your life, along with the courage you have to bring these seeds of gifted purpose to fruition—to bring your quintessence to life.


Which of these states of mind do you choose more often — positivity or pessimism? They both have layers.

What does your mind and body really say back to when you say, I love you? If you feel a grimace or weird twist in your belly, perhaps you need to start out with some thing more primal, such as, “I’m okay. I’m safe. It will be all right.“

What’s important to remember is that being cautious and mindful does not mean you’re pessimistic. You’re taking care of yourself on your primal level and not leaping more than you can step forward. Steps are easy. Leaping requires a longer runway and multiple steps prior to the leap.


In my personal growth, as well as how I choose how serve others, is I make promises to myself. These are not gargantuan promises. We all tend to run over big promises we know we can’t keep when we say them. Start small and truthfully with yourself and certainly with others.

Small promises, such as, “I promise to be attentive and wake up when I catch myself being pessimistic. I will turn my thoughts toward something wise and positive.“ This is the type of promise of which I’m speaking. The promise to yourself to stay mindful, self aware, and in the process of waking up; and that you’ll catch yourself right when you’re ready to say or do something you know you’ll regret. 


Be the watcher. Curiosity will open your horizon, from which insights, hope, faith, and eventually trust will take hold. Be strong. Your inner spiritual warrior is here. You would not be searching the way you have been for years if it was not present to you and you to it. 

You wouldn’t be taking care of yourself and others in the healthiest ways you could find, if you weren’t brave and a pioneer. Many of you are spiritual pioneers within your own family. You may be the black sheep or whatever term has been cast upon you… The special one. The one with the wild imagination and so on; yet, you’re not be a duck out. 

You’re the futurist. You’re the visionary. You live in a different paradigm than perhaps your family does. It doesn’t mean you separate from your family. You don’t need to because you’re aware you live in a different sphere, a different paradigm than the ones you love. 

When you choose not to separate and stand strong with what you know you are, a soul, and the gifts you have to manifest, you don’t have to preach it to your family. You don’t have to convince them or anyone else you’re right or they’re wrong. That’s not going to do anything but draw the paradigms of life apart. You are born to bring people together. Firstly, we bring ourselves together— Spirit, mind, body.


If you’ve had serious, debilitating trauma, you do need to seek out professional help. For as long as you need to, support is a necessary part of the path. Along with that path, comes a realization regarding how empathic you are. Empaths are permeable. Empaths absorb everything from the beautiful to the beastly. It’s glorious and ghastly at times.

If there’s a way to find the balance between those extremes. The key is to not emotionally lean into the trauma once you’ve healed at a certain point, this becomes natural. You become the observer of the pain of the situation and it doesn’t trigger you. It’s a gradual process of becoming de-triggered. It is possible. You can heal. You move the impact out of your mind and out of your body, and as you do this process, you become a stronger observer and not a frequent participant to the pain. Your nervous system shifts gears. You change the paradigm into one of healing. You’ll strike up and empower your intuitive intelligence.

We know innately what’s right and wrong—ethical intutionism.

Stay awake. Become your wisest self.

With love, 



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