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Empaths - Dealing With The Unseen World

Uncategorized Jul 14, 2019


“Without expectations or explanations, become the silence. The silence will morph into knowing, and seeing, and hearing, and deep feeling.”

 — L.A.Kamm


You're sitting in your favorite TV spot. Snuggled in, the remote is at the ready. You're prepped for a quiet binge of a yummy Netflix show.

One more wiggle and your body lets go of a sigh. Finally … your time.

You're immersed in the show when an odd feeling seems to come out of nowhere. You get a quick flutter of electricity; maybe it’s a bristling sensation. It’s rather indescribable.  

It’s also disconcerting.

You can't quite tell whether it's rising up from within or if it's coming toward you.

Your body shivers. Tingles scoot up the nape of your neck. You might feel flushed. Your belly churns, like you just agreed to take a seat on the world’s largest roller coaster.

You feel dizzy, but you’re not spinning. Nor is the room. You’re feeling lifted out of your body; but not all the way. 

Super fast thoughts, popping sounds, and body sensations flick at you, like an unseen hand or voice attempting to get your attention.

“What’s happening?!” Is the only question on your lips. 

So much for Netflix.

You get up and walk around, checking to make certain the house is calm and doors are locked. Or you press your body even further into the cushions, hoping to squeeze yourself into oblivion, along with these sensations. 

So what’s up? What is happening?

Last week I wrote about the power of being an empath and Instinctual Empathy specifically. 

This week, I’m going to expand and talk about another initial level of intuitive awareness regarding the unseen world around us. A level that exists slightly above our instinctual intuitive level. 

This topic is important because empaths feel the unseen world around them. Many live their lives within this level of awareness. It’s not easy. We feel edgy when we don’t know what’s happening. 

If an empath is not in touch with their intuitive system and its levels and stages of skills, it can be disastrously difficult to move about the world. 

Like goddess ninjas, we now move into the second level of intuitive empathy —"Raw Empathy.” Let me define this for you. 

I created the term “Raw Empathy” out of a need to define this level and to clarify the intuitive, physiological, and psychological confusion regarding this stage of intuitive empathy.

“Raw Empathy is a non-cognitive, emotionally-charged state of empathy in which the individual viscerally senses a single or series of non-discernible stimulating energy(ies) around and within their physical body. The individual may feel a generalized sense or flow of energetic pressure. Nervous thoughts suddenly arise from nowhere. The jolts or rolling waves of energy are all around and within. It’s difficult, if not impossible, to tell from where or from whom the energy is coming.” 

That last sentence is what classically defines Raw Empathy. You cannot tell what’s generating this experience. Nor can you define the exact location of the impact you’re experiencing. You feel as if you’re enveloped and saturated with a kerfuffle of energetic chaos. 

There’s nowhere to go. There’s no way to hide from it. 

But all is not lost. You can learn to understand use this level of intuition, discovering its unique purpose.

Yet, in the beginning it’s frustrating. When you’re experiencing Raw Empathy you’re unable to discover any hidden messages embedded within the sensations. At least not at the first stage.

You can't figure out how to find the gems of this incoming energy that will assist you with your life in some manner. You try to rationalize, which is a losing battle with Raw Empathy. 

Energy feels unmanageable; yet, oddly tolerable as you progress through Raw Empathy’s 3 stages. Raw Empathy doesn’t drive your mind or body into panic or high anxiety like Instinctual Empathy. It is, nonetheless, unnerving, annoying and distracting. 

There’s nothing worse than feeling energy that you can’t discern. What is it? From where or from whom did it come? What’s the gig here?

The whole thing makes you feel vulnerable and raw.

What makes Raw Empathy different from Instinctual Empathy is that there is not the sudden rush of panic and uncontrolled anxiety.  Nonetheless, with Raw Empathy, there is a sense of overwhelm, heightened emotions, and a racing mind that, again, tries to rationally discern what's happening.

I’m going to continue the conversation on Raw Empathy next week, as there are several stages of awareness, you will need to travel in order to awaken more of your intuitive system. Raw Empathy is a big subject and a very important level of Empathy 

For now, though, I want to share with you 5 tips on how to manage Raw Empathy.  

Remember, you’ll recognize that you’re at the level of Raw Empathy when you’re sensing and feeling something and you don’t know what it is. 

You experience energy with no discernment or answers arising. It's a stage of intuitive skill, not necessarily a tack thereof. Let yourself off the hook. 

  1. A solution to navigating the annoyance, frustration, or even mild to moderate nervousness that accompanies Raw Empathy is to identify that you’re in it! This stage of empathy is alerted. In short, get your mind into the present moment of the sensations. Say to yourself, “Oh, so this is Raw Empathy.” You’ll feel a shift of inner okay-ness by acknowledging what’s true.  
  1. Start breathing low and deep into your body. This will support and ease any nervous system responses. 
  1. Take your mind’s attention up higher, into your brow. The point between your eyebrows, where intuitive neutrality exists. See if you can discern the energy’s qualities from there. Don’t put any pressure on yourself to “get it right” or “figure it out perfectly.”  That will make matters worse. Be present … release control.   to 
  1. Sit with it and move your mind’s attention around and feel the feelings. Get in touch with what is happening. Be curious. 

 Don’t be afraid to feel the unknown, the unseen, and the unheard. This is an alchemical gateway through which you must pass.

  1. Grab a pen and paper and write out what you’re experiencing. You have to experience this aspect of empathy and feel its rawness in order to move up the ladder of conscious mind. 

By taking these simple steps, you’ll be able to slow down any negative thoughts and nervous system responses regarding what you’re experiencing. 

We all want to be in control of our lives and all things/people in it. 

When you’ve made a choice to pay attention and awaken ... or your angels have made a choice for you (because you haven’t been listening and acting on that guidance) you realize that you have the power to choose. 

But you don’t always have control or get to choose the way you awaken. That’s where life gets really interesting. Doesn’t it?

Nor do you have control over the way information comes to you through your intuitive system. You can’t dictate to the cosmos. Your job is to listen and act upon your guidance, not what you make up inside your mind. 

Your job is to continue to grow and self-educate as you become self-aware regarding how your intuitive system works. 

One thing I can promise you … as you stay on your spiritual path of awakening and listening to your guidance through the pipelines of your intuitive system, you will rise up through the levels and stages of your enlightened path. 

These levels will integrate in such a way that you will be streaming information from both your Light (your soul) and information that comes to you from the ultimate Light (your God). 

In short, when you feel non-descriptive energy washing over you and you can’t discern neither heads nor tails about it, recognize that the unseen hands of heaven are knocking at your door. 

If you choose to grow in the mystery, you’ll never be the same. If you choose not to relax into the waves, as best you can in the moment, you’ll stay in energetic rock ’n roll. 

As I went through this stage, I surrendered into the overwhelm to the point where I simply said, “Hello!”

Without expectations of explanations, become part of the silence; part of the rolling popping energy that is in and around all things. Energy you cannot stop, as you are it. This stealthy silence will morph into knowing, and seeing, and hearing, and deep feeling. 

 We all walk the same path. We do it our own way, guided by The Way. 


Keep walking with the Light! 



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