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[CHAKRA VISUALIZATION] Clearing Unwanted Energy

Uncategorized Dec 01, 2019

Sometimes we get caught up in the surface of life. A type of robotic amnesia can set it. We forget the capabilities we have.

In the hustle, we lose sight of the absolute privilege to be alive. We know life is not easy. For some, it’s painful beyond measure. For some it may appear easy and luxurious; however, all of us suffer. Deeply….

When I was dying, I didn’t know a thing about chakras. Yet, as I lie in the hospital bed, I was keenly aware of light and energy leaving the lower regions of my body.

What I was seeing was the energy and power of the first, second, and third chakras. These were the first regions of energy to begin their exodus from my body.

I watched as the light from these power centers visibly streamed away, hovering several feet above me. That was the precursor to the rest of me leaving about 27 hours later.

As the light and energy left, I could hardly move my concretized legs and hips. In fact, they looked as if they were disappearing, melting into a grey soft mist. Everything else, the rest of me and the hospital room, were status quo.

We are made of stars. We are soul. We are Light and energy. It’s real and truth, and not so easy to grasp at times.

What does it all mean to your everyday life? How does all of this effect personal power of choice, wellness, and your personal path?

There is an old saying, “The heart knows the way.” It's true … and so, too, does the belly.

Your solar plexus, the seat of your sunshine-colored ☀️third chakra. Like all chakras it is the location of your aspects of your body’s and personality’s actions and reactions.

These responses are either in accordance with your right life or rebelling against the life you’re pursuing. Self-worth, self-respect, your willingness to grow, and self-love all take up reflective housekeeping in your chakras. However, this third seat of power is the kingpin of your sense of self and esteem and your will to take care of yourself.

We are creative. We are delightfully stubborn. We are bright and magnificent creatures. We can build ourselves up or tear ourselves down in a nanosecond. We can do the same to others.

Power such as that ... well, we need to understand it in order to manage it.

In this third seat of power lies your ability to choose your life’s directions; the way you handled disagreements; your personal energy space; and your inspired jet fuel or moodiness lands in this area of your body. Impressions and insights in the third chakra can be mysterious, magical, and zap your belly with mayhem.

This energetic and tightly packed nervous and lymph systems center is the Doppler radar for your empathic, multi-sensory constitution.

The other day I was in the local drugstore, getting a new passport photo taken. I was in the checkout process when a kind-looking and chatty woman came in and started to upload photos from her phone into their system.

She and the store clerk evidently knew each other and started a conversation. I was intent on checking out and going on my way.

Even in the most mundane situations, your intuition can fire up in a New York second. That is what mine did. I was inserting my debit card to pay for the transaction and my intuitive radar picked up,  “Incoming!”

I thought, “Well, this isn't fun." And the woman started to engage me in a conversation; a conversation into which I had no desire to be drawn.

I immediately started to ground myself and expedite my transactions so I could get out of Dodge, so to speak; however, the impact it already happened.

God bless her. She was talking a mile a minute, offering pictures of her seven grandchildren to both the clerk and myself. She hovered over both of us physically and energetically.

There wasn't a breath taken in-between her words and sentences. The tentacles of energy kept flying toward the clerk and I, attempting to enwrap us. The clerk’s buzzer went off and she quickly excused herself from this energetic kerfuffle.

I literally started to get weak in the knees and rock back on my heels. I was already tired that day and had a slight headache; not the best day to lose my personal energetic footing in public.

I finished the transaction. Thanked her for sharing her pictures of her truly beautiful grandchildren, who obviously give her great joy, turned and left the store.

I knew what it happened. But my third chakra could not resist an inner shout out, “What the heck was that!?”

It was unconscious and habitual on her part. Off-putting and uncomfortable, and potentially time-consuming for the clerk and me.

This as not an encounter of resonance, where one meets someone and there’s instant rapport. God bless her, this had needy entrapment written all over it.

This is why I say we always need to have some perspective of our energetic strength and spatial awareness. I do check in with my energetic self multiple times a day, in a non-obsessive way.

That’s simply training from the years of my work as an intuitive and medical intuitive. But whoa!

All of us can be knocked off of our feet sometimes. In this particular impact was right in the solar plexus. The place narcissist have an instant attraction to when they energetically step into the field of any empath.

Below, I’ve added a handout of a visualization that’s in my book, Intuitive Wellness, using your body's inner wisdom to heal.

I began to use this practice as soon as my intuitive eye I saw her energy reaching out in a more invasive way, seeking attention.

This practice is the perfect on-the-fly practice, which only takes 10 to 15 seconds to do; and no one will know you're engaged in the practice. Even if you're in a face-to-face conversation with them. It's a gem of a practice — Releasing Energy Congestion.

As we grow as spiritual human beings, we are aware of challenges like this. They're very frequent. They occur with people you know and people you don't know. Always be kind and compassionate; but not a pushover.

One of the things that drew me to architecture in my 20’s  is my love for spatial awareness. Energetic spatial awareness is the ultimate.

As we awaken, we cannot help but challenge our own perceptions of reality and our place within it.

How do we wield our spiritual awareness and power elegantly, practically, merging with our form of spirituality, and bringing our best self to our own life and the world?

We begin where the oracle of Delphi instructed us."Know thyself."

When you know yourself, you begin to cultivate personal boundaries. Boundaries do not close you off from the world.

They actually do quite the opposite. Boundaries open the world to you, so that you can live your right life.

They actually support you in dropping fear of the unknown, as well as passive-aggressive or manipulative behaviors. When you know who you are and what works for you, your own oracular nature is at hand.

The seat of your third chakra’s energy is transformed. Yes, you care about yourself, your life, your body. However, you also begin to feel empowered about your place within humanity and your contributions you are here to offer within the time span of your life.

That's where power is. Knowing yourself and your right life.

Choices and directions in life are seeded by different elements. When you don't listen to your voice of intuition, you can't establish boundaries to keep you safe, content, and whole.

Other people, particularly masterful manipulators, can smell a weakling in the crowd. Like the store situation I found myself in. I had a headache, I was tired, and I got energetically pinged. 

Like me at that moment, we can be culled from the herd.

Skilled manipulators can take advantage if you don't take the time to know yourself and have what I call, "Your personal egg-dish scene.” Let me explain.

The movie, Runaway Bride, which stars Julia Roberts and Richard Gere, highlighted the egg-dish scene. In the movie Julia Robert’s character has yet to figure out what she really likes and wants of life.

Often, what others say is “best for you,” is actually based on how they want to have you in their lives. What suits them best.” Or our attempt to fit in. That was the character’s problem.

Pause for moment and look within. In what category of your life could this occurring? Who's encroaching in your energetic space?

As we head into the Holidays, we come closer together with friends and family and strangers. That is a beautiful thing!

I simply asked you to be aware of how your body and energy feels … how your belly feels. Be aware of the solar plexus point of power that guides your life.

You don't have to reveal everything about yourself to just anyone. Even if they're in your family. You are a sovereign intelligent being. Love people right where they are. Love yourself right where you are!

Enjoy this practice. It is very simple, quick and highly effective. If you're in a conversation with someone and you're not enjoying it; yet, if you feel you can't disengage instantly, use this practice in the moment. A door that creates space will appear soon and both of you can move on with kindness.

When working with your energy centers and energy in general, don't be paranoid. Life is full of ups and downs, twists and turn.

Your task is to live it fully and embrace it, no matter what comes. You will always have your intuitive wisdom to guide you in and through be easy and rough places in life.

Know yourself. Trust yourself. When you do, miracles follow.

With so much love,


Feeling Empathic Overwhelm occurs when your physical body is inundated with other people’s energy and emotions to the point that it slows down the progress of your day or your life.
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