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[CHAKRA PRACTICE] Your Right Life & Creative Power

Uncategorized Nov 24, 2019

“Your authentic wisdom unlocks doors, allowing creative Light to shine into the darkness, dropping away hopelessness and conflict.” LAKamm


As an intuitive, you can hone your skills to intuitively discern structures and events, moving out of the invisible and into visible aspects of your life. It’s quite a practical skill.

You have creative power and maneuverability like that of an energetic ninja. Are you in touch with it? How do you use it?  Who’s orchestrating that power?

At first, it may seem like a weird and strange focus in life. However, it’s rather fascinating, and frankly, quite grand and in alignment with the most natural part of yourself.

…and you’re already living this way, to varying degrees of awareness.

It’s a life that is typically not expected; yet, inherent to what and who you are.

Intuitive connectedness, like presence and self-awareness, can be cultivated. However, it’s a life that cannot be petitioned or prayed for.

To use and trust your intuitive system, it must be acknowledged, accepted, and activated. Then cultivation begins.

When it comes to your creative energy, associated with your second chakra in yogic philosophy, you must absolutely become comfortable or, at least, deal with being uncomfortable with change.

You’ll be fighting yourself, others, and life for control if you can’t become reasonable with this paradoxical fact of life — the presence of change in your life is unchangeable.

How is your comfort level with change? You know change happens every second of the day. Change is visible. Change is also invisible or not as easily detected. That is, until, it reaches a tipping point and becomes seen and tangible.

Let’s take the three levels of dawn and twilight, as they’re a natural and elegant example of what's ever-changing:

  • Civil dawn/twilight — the sun is below the horizon. Light is present and you can see without artificial light.
  • Nautical dawn/twilight — light is present and so, too, are a few stars. You’ll need artificial light now or very soon.
  • Astronomical dawn/twilight —Pitch black. Lots of stars on a cloudless night. "Where’s my flashlight?" you'll ask. 

Your power to manage change, subtle or swift, is predicated on your ability to find harmony and create good things and deeds from within the moments and seasons of change.

The second chakra is best known for its many energies and desires for pleasure. Your sense of taste and tastefulness arises from this power center. 

Problem solving is a key power associated with this center, arising out of your power of choice.

"What do I do? Where do I go from here? What's happening? What's Now, New, and Next?" All of these statements indicate that you feel the approach of what I call, "a  turnstile moment."

Change is afoot. Your unconscious is stirring and rising. Your conscious mind becomes restless with the advent of potential to probable change. 

Trusting your intuitive system to deliver the new information through the second chakra's feeling sense at just the right time, is where your attention is best served. 

You are intuitively equipped to do this; however, being intuitively skilled is a different matter. Skill requires time and attention. It’s a worthy cause, as nothing is decided upon or created out-of-the-blue. You’re at the helm of your life. So be there.

If we find ourself surprised by people or life, we have simply focused on something else, and not on the slow-to-manifest or the invisible aspects of life.

Let me say this… will you know everything? No. Do you want to know everything? No. Life holds the majority of power over the mysterious; yet, you can improve your life by being more connected, actualized, and realized.

As you harness the power of your intuitive mind, you will know that the unseen is more bountiful with potentiality than what is seen.

Your mind is a powerful instrument. Use your creative power wisely. Your mind, when mixed with emotions, can save the world, or at least a part of it. Or, you can turn your intuitive system down, suffocating your genius and talents. It's your creative power to choose. 

Your creative energy and the insights it brings are delivered by your intuitive system. Then thought moves swiftly through invention and slides right into imagination. This sequence an be powerful or set you back if you’re not emotionally in check.

We’ve all been there with our bright ideas. We can move those ideas forward or bury them for decades, based on the emotional elixir you blend with your intuitively-delivered creations.

What's the most significant ingredient in that elixir? Fear, and all of its like-minded cousins.

We all feel it, deep inside when we are not listening. That’s okay for a while. Until change hits that tipping point. Then you are often forced to act, using your creative energy to respond out of fear in an uncontrolled and erratic manner.

That’s when manipulation of things, time, people, and ideas comes into play. Not your best look or foot forward.

At times, we receive spiritual commands in our life. I know you have. I have too. Do you listen?

Does that command make you nervous?

It should…because you’ve just been asked to use your creative power and clear most of the decks in your life.

A spiritually-driven command is not a casual suggestion from the heavens. It has nothing to do your desires or the surface way you present yourself to the world, your family, and friends.

It has everything to do with your mission in life. Your call to use your granted, if not gifted, talents in the way that is in accordance with your right life.

What is your right life? Like the three, everyday stages of dawn and twilight, there's a harmonious flow to your right life.

Right flow has many aspects. Like a natural giving-away-to action that doesn’t hurt you. Life feels natural. It brings satisfaction and deeper awareness of the connective tissue of your life.

That does not mean your right life and change is easy; like cutting through butter with a warm knife. Nope. There are hurdles; yet, you have the tools to accomplish what you need in order to follow the commands of your life.

This level of change does not always occur without a little crying to the Gods. Crying, like hugging-the-wall crying, does help us let go of our clinging.

What I know for sure is, when we wail, we are unburdening ourselves and breeching back toward our right flow. Our right life.

With or without cleansing tears, can you please do us all a favor … take a few minutes out this very busy week for this practice?

Sit quietly and breathe. Have pen and paper handy, or type out your challenges/answers on your smart phone.

  • Close your eyes and ask the highest level of your conscious mind to see an image of your life’s compass.
  • Where is the needle pointing right now?
  • Trust the first image your receive. A pinning needle? Pointed due south or elsewhere? No needle or a bent one? Is it spot on to your True North? Whatever you receive, is what it is. Write it down.
  • Now ask, “What three steps can I take this week or month to move my internal needle — my Spirit’s compass — back toward or directly on the True North of my right life?”
  • Write down the 1, 2, and 3s of what you’ve received.

Don’t freak out. Don't panic. Know that you’ll have all the tools and opportunities you need to make the changes you are being asked to make, large or small.

Let your authentic wisdom unlock the doors to your right life. Let your Light shine into the darkness, dropping away conflict. With a right life, you’ll find perfectly imperfect harmon.

You’ll cultivate contentment. That’s is worth the price of admission; to listen to and creatively/intuitively act upon the commands of your life.

Final words. Commands are different than demands. The first is crafted by the Gods and your soul. The second is self-generated, usually from an emotional distortion of belief. Do not confuse the two.

With Love, 

“Trust Yourself  ~ miracles follow”


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