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How to calm your energetic center of gravity

Uncategorized Sep 04, 2022

This practice is calming and peaceful. Make this a part of your healing playlist to use when you feel your mind is moving too fast and you notice your energy is way too hyper in your body. Drop it down, kindly and gently with this practice.

It is true, in order for our minds to be clear, our intuition snappy and accurate, we must be grounded. Your energetic center of gravity has to be lower and deeper in your precious body. And you’re worth it. Your nervous system will thank you as well. 

  • Find a quiet comfortable lovely place to sit. You can even lay down with this practice.
  • Once settled, take a few deep cleansing breaths in and out of your body, nothing heroic is necessary. Be easy.
  • Imagine rays of light slightly higher than your forehead and about 4 feet in front of you. 
  • Allow the light to steam toward and through your forehead, into the center of your glorious brain. Feel this space, right in the middle. You’ll find your sweet spot. 
  • Smile into your brain, wherever your point of attention is in the moment. 
  • Feel the warmth and healing brilliance of this light, allowing this light to expand and fill your brain. 
  • Let it gently ebb and flow over, around, and through your brain. 
  • Paying attention — seeing, feeling, hearing, knowing — as to how this soft, undulating light is washing back-and-forth from the prefrontal cortex (your forehead) to the back of your brain and softly flowing from side to side. Take is slow. Be gentle.
  • Move your mind around methodically, exploring different areas of your brain, as you connect and smile with this brilliant light continuing to flow throughout your brain. 
  • Breathe…in and out.
  • When you feel ready, or the light will move on its own, allow the light to ground down into the lower pelvic area of your body.
  • It will naturally flow down your arms and out your fingertips, as well as down your legs and feet, and into the earth. Allow a natural smile of ease and comfort to arise within your entire body.
  • And now,… Simply rest.

Let your light be clear. Let your brain, bones, body, and energy sparkle like the stardust from which they are made.

We are "Stardust Friends Forever,"   🌟 ❤️ ⭐️


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