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Awaken Your Perception and Unfreeze Yourself

Uncategorized May 13, 2020
  1. “Enlightenment is not found within the shallow furrows of the status quo.
    When you stand at the rim of your own ego
    and face the attendant chaos, you illuminate your soul.”   



Now more than ever, our inner work matters. Our lives and bodies are impacted with very personal challenges, along with global pain.

This is unparalleled collective stress. And we thought life was stressful before!

There are very few on our blue planet who don’t feel this simultaneous soupy stress in which we currently find ourselves.

Keep steady though. It’s temporary.

It’s also evolutionary. A tectonic jutting of unstable and upward thrusting plates of consciousness in which potential is abundant. Rest assured. There are ways through it.

We’ll all look back and remember…as we look forward to better days.

Years ago, way past a winter’s nightfall, I’d come home frosty from forehead to feet after relentless hours of ice skating. The kitchen’s grated register was cornered near the stove. I’d stand on it, warming numbed toes. The rising heat billowed my snow-crusted pants. It felt good to be home.

My mom would stir soup and sing, “You Are My Sunshine, my only sunshine….” It was our pattern. It’s what she and I did.

I felt safe, loved and secure. Those sweet times are long gone; yet, the comfort those experiences planted was cellular. It is an energy. A memory-built biochemistry I’ve relied on in recent days.

Even in this global confusion, I bet you can remember something... a happy memory that brings your cells back to life. Try it.

This is not living in the past. It’s invoking the body-centric power. One of hope and positivity. You’re invigorating a remembered chemistry of joy. 

Presently, we must be tethered to our joy and strengths, which encompass all of our experiences across time. The future is what it will be when it gets here. Where you focus your perceptual lens right now matters. 

It’s very difficult to deal with a global virus of this nature. Through an intuitive lens, it appears much like a particulate murmuration, swirling through cities, close quarters and dying off over global mountains, seas and prairies. 

It’s been really hard. It’s been super weird. Many have died. We can’t touch many of our loved ones but through a window or computer screen. Our usually steady optimistic hearts and souls need support. So, too, do our bodies.

We feel rattled and frozen.  Angry, grief-stricken, fatigued without exertion and rebellious. 

Keep in mind, we’re drawn into chaos based on the degree to which our emotional, physical, energetic and spiritual levels of empathy are operating.

Something important to remember is when you lean into the emotions of this pandemic, or any trauma, the empathic tendency is to merge and potentially absorb its collective intelligence.

It’s human to do so and it’s not necessarily a negative. Unless you stay there and dwell. I’ll offer tips to thaw this merged frozen tendency shortly.

But first, let’s look at the situation this way. When you hear a noise in the middle of the night, you’re driven by intuitive instincts to pay attention. Your intuitive lens of survival perception is piqued.

You sit up. Your body instinctively twists and leans toward the direction from which the sound came. You freeze, waiting to hear other potential sounds.

You’re intuitively reaching for the sound with your entire body — assessing the sound’s proximity, repetitiveness, potential directional movements and other aspects.

Just like hearing a sudden sound. You need your intuitive skills with this virus and current social situations. One of the evolutionarily benefits of this situation is that it’s bringing us into new states of awareness.

Truly, though, gone are the idyllic illusions and masquerading thoughts of sitting on your meditation cushion awaiting….

Enlightenment is rehydrated through living, of which sitting and being in silence is a part. But that is not the primary catalyst. Awareness of the layered dynamics and intensity of contrast is. Then, with presence of mind, the dissolving of such contrast occurs.

It can feel grinding and gritty; yet, within life’s enlightened moments, a form of gracefulness eventually arises. 

Then the many lenses of perception you have experienced become one. 

Then none. 

Because, in truth, the is no enlightenment and also no elimination of it. 

Now, however, this is a season of life in which the transcendent is firmly marbled within the tactical. Practicality and awakened perceptions are mutually heightened and adhered to one another.  

You may feel unnerved.  However, I ask you to look below the surface of strife and stand with your awakening perceptions.  They are there.

The task is to move out of frozen fear and into neutral awareness. In order to do that, we have to calm down and reboot our inner connections. To rediscover our inner strengths — our awakening perceptions. Our faith. 

Our nervousness surrounding a concept such as the “unknown” has always been a part of life. Now, it’s poignantly in our sweet faces and within the tilted and cattywampus sectors of our lives.

Health. Food. Shelter. Work. Hugs. Finances. Life. Death. Future.

Fortunately, within the dualistic laws and grace of life, there are truths. One of which is: “If there’s a way in, there’s a way out.”

You can become comfortable with the unknown. You truly can. The known and the unknown are inextricably connected by perception — awaken your preceptive skills and you’ll experience them as the same thing. 

Your personal normal and sense of presence is up for grabs here. We’re all a part of this new creation. How will it look and feel and function? We’ll see.

For now though, here are some tips to get you back on your inner feet, so when the gates of life reopen in a new way you’ll be present, ready and able.  

  • Spend 10-20 minutes a day (or more) in meditation or some form of relaxed breathing in silence. Sitting. Walking. Golfing. Washing dishes. Cooking. Folding clothes. Being. It’s all good. If you’re not quiet though, you cannot hear your inner voice. Silence will help you discover the elusive pockets of stress hiding in the nooks and crannies of your body. Along with the lies your nervous and scattered thoughts dress up as truth. All will arise and fall away. Breath by breath. Fold by fold. Dish by dish.
  • Sing. It strengthens your heart, lungs and calms your nervous system.
  • Do your best to become more of a neutral observer. It will save you hours of angst. In other words, don’t believe everything you think. Your intuitive system is the lead pony here. The information your intuitive system delivers in a constant, yet, subtle stream is the direct way to liberation.
  • This has been really hard! It still is. Cry and grieve if you need too. Rain clears the air. Your sacred tears will clear your heart’s heaviness.
  • Lie down and breathe, in and out. Gently place your finger tips on the base of your sternum — the bottom of your breast bone. Surround yourself with Light, healing protective Light. Call on your God. Your angels. Call your Spirit back home into your body. Breathe ... in and out. This will help calm your restless mind and nervous system. You will feel more whole and stronger. 

You need to be strong. We all do. This situation will be with us for a while.

It’s a catalytic Dr. Seuss splat of evolution.

You’re making history — you and I and all. One choice at a time with God, grace, and plenty of grit.

Clean air. Clean food. Clean water. Shelter. Connection. The foundational factors of existence on earth as human beings — Homo Sapiens (wise human.)

Hope. Faith. Trust. The foundational factors of existence on earth as spiritual beings — Homo Spiritus Conscientia (spirit conscious human.)

It’s time to go inside, gather your calm strength and intuitive prowess so you can go back out into the world how and when you see fit with clarity, ease and peace of mind.

With all my love, now more than ever! ❤️

Feeling Empathic Overwhelm occurs when your physical body is inundated with other people’s energy and emotions to the point that it slows down the progress of your day or your life.
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