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A Meditation for Difficult Times

Uncategorized Jul 29, 2018

The other night I went to sleep delightfully soaked with grace regarding my life. It was certainly not about things that I have or wish I would acquire. My thoughts were wrapped around the most important things in my life. That I am alive on this gorgeous planet. And that I have people who, I love and extend their love to me.

I fell asleep and had a dream in which I was supporting someone who had a burdened heart. They were trying to find their place in the world — something we have all experienced. As I watched myself comfort them in the dream I spoke these words.

(…and I am heeding these words for myself. One never discards grace.)

“Stay alive for yourself. You are always going to meet someone who will tick you off, make you question what you’re doing with your life or fall in love, even if it only lasts for five seconds.

“Stay alive for yourself. This planet in life is too beautiful to leave.”

As a medical intuitive I am often required to go into the energy of an individual’s heart; the consciousness and structure of their heart. I do this for myself as well.

Within, I find the most amazing qualities — gifts, talents, intellect, and brilliance beyond what the person is currently recognizing. Alongside these attributes exist the pain, shame, and disappointments, which lurk within soggy or crusty structures of energy. Often times these structures overshadow the brilliant Light and intelligence of the individual.

Because life’s rough waters can suddenly slosh into our lives…..

Because I see in humanity the promise of what is good, alongside what is hesitant and challenged….

I created this guided meditation to support you in seeing what is whole within you, all parts of you.

And to witness the grace I feel, see and know every time I am privileged to gaze upon the brilliance of a person’s heart — the seat of their conscious soul.


You can access this meditation here 


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