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What’s In Your Energy Field?

Uncategorized Sep 22, 2019

What’s In Your Energy Field?

As a medical intuitive, one of the first aspects of my work is to assess the energy field. The electromagnetic structure that emanates from the electrical flows within your body.

To be able to assess your own energy field delivers information regarding your health, emotional well-being, as well as what's coming in and moving out of your life.

Attitudes. Life changes. Preferences ebbing and flowing. People! People are definitely in your energy field, known and unknown.

Job changes, insights, revelations, and the constructs of life, such as housing, location, money, babies, wellness, and emotional waves are all within your dynamic energy field.

When you experience a sequence of small or significant life-changing events, the objects of your upcoming changes can line up like planes coming into an airport. It's always fascinating for me to see what's on the event horizon for the person with whom I'm working; or for myself. 

Keep in mind, not everything is revealed. There are mysteries to life and we’re not supposed to be privy to everything. That takes the divine out of the mix.

If we knew everything, what would be the purpose of seeking — intellectually, emotionally, and spiritually? That’s not the promise of earth school.

Yet, nothing is random. Cause and effect, karma and dharma are always at play.

After all, you are a co-creator of your life. You have freewill exquisitely weaving throughout destiny’s fabric.

In the past month or so,  I've written a lot about empathy, its various levels and stages. Our natural sense of empathy allows us to feel — people, places, temperaments within an environment, and various life situations.

Honing your intuitive empathy is a great skill to have. In fact, your intuitive faculty is one of the most powerful problem-solving levels of intelligence you have.

What would Disney be without his intuition? Steve jobs? Mother Theresa? What would you do without your intuition?

Intuition is always first. Imagination and all other endeavors of creativity and manifestation are downstream.

People talk about the law of attraction and manifestation all the time. It's a great subject. Since change is a constant in our lives, why wouldn’t we want the best for ourselves and our families? 

Sometimes, though, you need to create the best out of a tough situation.

Understanding what's in your energy field, being able to identify incoming and outgoing energetic, emotional, and soon-to-be-physical objects … well, I believe it's an imperative skill.

For instance, several years ago I sat by the bedside of a dear friend. Heart, kidneys, and lungs were all challenged. The light in their eyes were marbled with fear, relinquishment, courage, and hope. My heart sagged and I wept for their pain and genuine suffering. 

I knew what I had to do. I looked objectively into their field. Approximately 4 feet away and about 17 degrees left of center of the midline of their body was an holographic image — an energetic structure of a surgeon, a kidney donor, and a new life. The timeline was late October when the donor would come forward, based on the distance of the surgeon and donor from my friend’s physical body. I knew they could make it through this ordeal and they did.

Now, there is a ton of information that goes with this story. They are variables that must be considered: speed, location, density, directional movement, timing, freewill, and a gazillion aspects to intuitively assess in order to be accurate.

One must not project, predict, or presume. You read impersonally, knowing that you are neither God nor savior. They are in charge of their moment-to-moment choices and experiences. You are the steady compassionate witness, servant, and perhaps temporary steward.

Yes, the present is all that we have in this moment — to live, choose, and be. Nonetheless, your future-present moments are building momentum in your energy field. Your past-present moments are leaving your field.

Every time I look at someone's energy field, including my own, I am beholding the power of someone's choice(s).

Whether it is a probability insofar as your destiny moving forward into reality, you still have a choice regarding the way in which you deal with what is.

Simply because a burgeoning manifestation is not, yet, in a physical or palpable form, that does not mean what is unseen is unrelated to your current moment.

Meaning, all things are interconnected — seen and unseen. In this moment or in the last or in the future.

When we stop thin-slicing every moment — focus on the present, focus on the present, focus on the moment, the moment; well, I’ focus on this moment — we release ourselves into true presence of all that is. It's all there anyway — the eternal hologram of you.

Your life is right here, all of it. RELAX! Keep walking and live it. Timing is something people just don’t want to acknowledge. Timing rules

All good things come to those who … can read their own energy and relax, live, and find the grace in their lives  — good, tough, boring, and indifferent.

Focus on grace. The good, tough, boring, and indifferent will be absorbed into grace.

We’ve been taught too much about NOW. “I want it now. Why isn’t it here now? Hey cool, 😎 I’m in the Now. Am I in the NOW, now?” 

Lord almighty! You’re in the whole is-ness of everything. It’s in your body, your field, your soul, your Spirit. It’s how all of YOU is connected to all of that, which of course is not separate from anything.

It’s in your body and its cells. It's in your mind. It is certainly in the unlimited eternal grace of your Spirit. It is also in your energy field.

This week I want to share a visualization about connecting to your energy field. Perhaps, it'll give you a jump start into gaining a new perspective about what’s in this moment and all the other connected moments.

This specific practice focuses on assessing people in your field and how they are connecting to and with you. This is an essential first step in taking charge of your energy, time, and other fundamental resources of your life.

Going forward, when you don't know what to do; when you don't know where to go in your life; look into the heart and listen. Also, intuitively assess your energy field. Make note of what you experience.

You might be surprised regarding what you’ll discover. Then again, you may not be surprised. Is what you’ve been planning for, working toward within inches or a few feet of coming into your next moment? Won’t it be interesting to experience what you discover? 

You may encounter differences in textures of energy, temperatures, colors, etc. These are the basic constructs of all patterns, which indicate variables in frequencies. These are noteworthy aspects insofar as being able to develop intuitive acuity and assessing definitive structures. 

Whatever you discover will be interesting. Being willing to examine your own energy is a huge step forward. For some of you, you’ve been doing this. I say do it again. And again. And again. I’ve reached my level of accuracy because I intuitively assess all of the time.

Assess. Not obsess. Huge difference.

Please, do not venture into your field with anxiety, anticipation, or expectancy. That's a survival response about seeking relief or a desired change. Don’t be afraid of your intuition or what it might deliver.  So many are. You’re being afraid of yourself.  Breathe and go for it.  You won’t receive anything that you can’t handle. 

I want to help you be intuitively calm. Relaxed with your life and let it be what it is. Intuitively asses what’s real and true. That’s living!

Discover what’s within your field without attachment. The Gods know more than you and me. Your Spirit knows more than the human you. Let your human self rise up and meet your Spirit and your truer life path.


With love and respect for the magnificent human being that you most certainly are,



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