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#1 Rule For Empathic Rebels

Uncategorized Jun 23, 2019

The empathic rebel.

I’m one, for sure. I bet some part, if not all of you, is one too.

An empathic rebel is confident, if not fearless, when it comes to their intuitive skills. They know they have work to do in the world that uses their intuition, empathy, and compassion.

An emphatic rebel trust the feelings they receive through the ethers, electromagnetic fields, and their body’s systems, allowing them to feel what is here and now and what potential is on the horizon.

An empathic rebel knows their own intuitive system. What works. What doesn’t work for them and has the #1 rule in place? It helps an empath to be happy and confident.

It’s a paradox for the rebel.

So what’s the#1 Rule? It is that THEY HAVE RULES!

It’s not easy to be empathic. Especially in a busy rushing life within a high-tech world. Continuous streams of WiFi are penetrating everything.

Your nervous system can certainly feel it; and for some physical empaths, it’s no joking matter.

We’re going to unpack a lot about what I’ve learned in my work with empaths, intuitives, healers, and rebels. But let’s set up the structures of understanding first.

The good news about being an emphatic rebel is that you are, by nature, a contradiction to the common definition of a rebel. 

As an empathic rebel, make no mistake … you are rebellious. But for a higher purpose. Not to create the chaos of conventional anarchy.

As trust and confidence in your empathic intuitive abilities increases, you can’t help but shake things up in a good way.

How? You are wired to make changes with heart, with compassion, and with intuitively-inspired skillful means. Currently, you may be too overwhelmed to do so. But we’ll fix that. Maybe you need an emphatic hero or icon to admire or embody.

Two of my favorite empathic rebels are Jeanne d’Arc and Hildegard of Bingen. They shook things up for women. For God. For Humanity. They were smart. Intuitive beyond their peers and scared; yet, fearless.

Scared, because they felt and saw so much that exists within the beyond. Fearless, because they knew their task … to express what is within the beyond.

The unseen world is the world of the empathic rebel. You are here to experience and expand the understanding of, what I call, “the living physics of life.”

These women, and many more before you and I have gone up against all odds and the cultural proprieties of their time and cultures.

They were compliant to their intuitively-driven nature of deep feeling and knowing. They were open to receive and carry out their instructions from a different source … the Source.

Empathic rebels are ahead of their time. They have to be. They change things, large or small. Global or local. Within the self or community. They feel and act on what they know to be their calling and their truth of the larger Spirit they serve.

So, back to the #1 rule. They all had confidence and trusted their personal rules that support and maintained their boundaries and committed path in life.

You can’t establish boundaries without personal rules. Rules create the structure, steadiness, and heart that leads to the personal infrastructure of your boundaries.

If you don’t have personal rules and keep them intact with your boundaries, your heart and soul cannot fly.

“Without boundaries, you cannot become boundless.”

It’s true; as the former generates the structure for the latter.

Again, rules construct and frame boundaries. Boundaries maintain your personal rules.

Now don’t bristle at the word “rule.” Be open to using it. Rebels break confines, yet; you need your own rules, instead of pushing back on one that is put upon you.

Compliance can lead to unhealthy complacency if you’re not careful. Then, poof! Your life reaches the end and you wonder why you didn’t dig deeper so you could reach the starts.

I’m not saying it’s easy. Yet, I can tell you this, as a physical, energetic, and spiritual-infused rebel empath myself … when you heed the call that you feel inside, confidence and skill can’t help but expand.

Confidence builds commitment. Your rules support your commitment to yourself and to your walk in life.

When you create just a few rules that support how you care for yourself, you will thrive. You won’t leave anyone behind who has the connection to go with you on your journey.

Some people may leave your life, as they were there to push you toward establishing your rules — your inner credo of joy, wellness, and self-love. That’s okay. They have done their job and helped you awaken to your powerful gift of empathy.

So what are your rules? Start with your body first. It’s the best place to begin to refresh yourself, your self-esteem, and direction in life.

Remember, not having solid rules means you don’t have solid boundaries. Without solid boundaries, you are bound and bounced around by the energy and whims of others and the environment.

What would feel better to you, precious empath?

Now, look at the rules you have about sleep, food, work schedules, play, your time spent with friends, family, lovers.

What about your alone time? Empaths have to have time away from everything and everyone, except nature and themselves.

This is just a beginning. I’m creating a series for you on intuition and empaths. The different levels on which they function. What they can do for you and more.

Empathy has a dominant position when it comes to your intuition, wellbeing, path in life, and self-esteem. What does that feel like and look like when you hold secure within yourself?  Sit with that.

Being an empathic person is an aspect that most humans have, to varying degrees.

Empathic rebels have that extra helping of potential gifted skill

It’s not always easy; but well worth its development. I’ve been in both the molasses swap of empathic overwhelm and I’ve been to the mountain top. All because of the extraordinary connection empathy offers.

There is a depth of divinity and love that you can experience for yourself and for humanity that wordless and so densely compacted with a potent change that all you can do is let it expand from your heart.

Your obedience to that level of love is to embrace its movement through you; and without restraint, you let it fly!

Those are a few powers of the empathic rebel.

In the weeks to come, we’ll venture into the woes and wonders of the intuitive side of empathy. The different skills and accompaniments you have and can develop. We’ll also look at the challenges you may experience and how you can shift them to serve you and others.

In the meantime, dust off those rules regarding how you care for your sweet empathic self.

Do you have enough alone time? Even vignettes of quiet breathing and moments of mediation throughout the day can call you back within your body and boost your energy.  Too much food? Too little food? Hiding? Rushing too much? Take some time within and we’ll talk.

See you down the path….

All my love,


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