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[MEDITATION] How to Strengthen Your Energy

Uncategorized Oct 13, 2019

Peace in the middle of clamor. My attempt at surviving a Wednesday. 

My quiet neighborhood is popping with layers of noise. Not just little noises. BIG noises, outside and inside. Tree trimmers. Weed whackers. Mega trucks filled with sloshing concrete rumble up the steep hill like Mesozoic snails. 

Inside the house cleaning buckets drop and splatter. A glass explodes on the kitchen counter. Glassy shards take swift flight. A toilet overflows.

I sink into the couch. Curiosity lays on my mind regarding what planet may be the author of this layered cosmic collision. 

We’ve all been here. A simple day turned into chaos central. No control over other’s actions. No obvious personal cause. No ability to film the serene videos, which were on my schedule this morning. 

Nothing to do but be with the cacophonous swirl. 

Like any sane person in an insane world, I step back into myself and move on to other things … like not getting sucked into overwhelm or loosing my joy or energy over what turned out to be 9 hours of calamity. 

Days like today can be a one-off or last a year or more. Being mindful about where your energy is when it gets wild and debris is flying is key. 

Self-awareness shores up your ability to be in touch with your intuition; keeping your inner compass and emotions as steady as possible when life is making crazy.

Since energy is a bi-product of your mind, the power to strengthen your energy starts there — your mind. 

Before we head into that direction 🤔, however, let’s check out symptoms that indicate you’ve been tumbling in life’s butter churn for too long.

When we start to loose our energy on a slight or consistent level, we can experience one or more of the following: 

  • Lack of motivation and detached feelings
  • We become more manipulative; like that of a wild child
  • Depleted energy levels — emotional, physical, energetic, and spiritual
  • Our personal relationships suffer — we’re more sensitive to other’s movements within our personal space, as well as out in the world 
  • We give up on what we need
  • We could care less about people, things, and ourselves
  • We feel a decrease in our ability to resist illnesses
  • We get cranky and pessimistic
  • We’re exhausted and it’s more than just surface fatigue
  • We skip our obligations; or at least we want to
  • We feel like we’re loosing ourselves 

If you experience any of these consistently, you may need to seek out support. I encourage you to do so. 

For the interim, I’ve attached a practice below. This practice helps shift your mental and energetic center of gravity, building deeper energetic strength — The Lower Body Meditation. 

It’s a grounding stabilizing practice and it defers crankiness. 

Our energy (mind) must stay in harmony to work effectively. When we’re depleted it’s nice to know we have options. That we can do something bout it. If we pay attention to the signals of our body’s energy and the shifts in our moods and emotions, we can save ourselves a ton of grief. 

After a wild Wednesday like I had this past week, my evening meditation included this practice. It stabilizes and vivifies the lower energy centers. There is something comfortable and safe about feeling energetically low to the ground. 

We can walk off a rough day. Meditate our way through it, pray, pout, sleep, or slip into a warm foamy tub; we do our best to remain kind to ourselves and others. Hopefully, we do. That is the ultimate practice, is it not? 

As you experience this practice, I’d like you to consider conducting a little field experiment. 

As you drop your mind low and deep, see how deeply you can allow your mind to enter into the depth of your body. 

Breathing and being present to what lies within you — energy, organs, tissues, strength, creativity, power, peace… whatever is churning or resting within the stillness of your precious body, be with it. 

Be with it all, in kindness. Until next time….

All my love, 


P.S. Your energy strengthening practice is below.  

The Lower Body Meditation

Sit quietly with your feet flat on the floor.
Connect the energy of your feet with the earth, sinking your energy deep within. 

Take your mind’s attention into your lower abdomen and feel the creation of a blue black ball of energy beginning to form in the center of your lower abdomen. 

It is the color of a lustrous blue/black pearl, about the size of a large plum.

Feel its warmth.

Feel it gently rotating forward and downward, then circling back upward again.

Simply sit with this feeling — the warm movement of deep healing and life-force energy.

When you feel complete with this sitting practice, take a few deep breaths in and out of your body. 

Inhale through the nose. Exhale out the mouth slowly with a Sshhhhh sound. Repeat this breath and sound several times. 

This practice is helpful after a very busy day; as a daily practice; and for those who do and think too much. 

It allows you to you embody and integrate your energy, easing your mind into a restful place. 

It facilitates moving the center of energetic and mental gravity downward, where you can be nourished and revitalized. 

Be happy. Be well. 


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