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53 3 Keys to Create What Yours

Uncategorized May 29, 2024

How do we begin anything when everything around us keeps moving? 

Like the ocean’s waves, life is the same––waves of experiences ebbing and flowing, never stopping. 

How do we create what we want to experience when everything keeps moving like ocean waves? We can ride them, or they can push or crash upon us. 

Listen in, and when you can, grab your journal. Together, let’s go through Steps one, two, and three. Let’s get your thoughts; the particles generated from them bring your life to life in a new and conscious way. Bring it to you––your soulful, thoughtful, quantum-generated life.

It’s truly fascinating when you tune in and intuitively feel, see, hear, and know how your creation is coming into form, into your energy field, and then into your life. 

Like the sturdy and wise surfer of life, you are, you sit, and you wait for your wave. At times, that wave is for us, and we know it. Other times, you may say, “Oh, I want that! That’s my wave!” But is it?

Alternatively, you can see a wave, offer it to someone else, and let them ride it. You do so because you know when it's your wave and when it belongs to someone else's. 

This episode is about creation, as the word manifesting is often overused and misunderstood. And yes, I used the word here too. It’s ubiquitous. If you haven’t created what you desire, there are many reasons. 

Sometimes, what you create needs to be clearer in the creation pipeline to actualize your sincere intention. If that’s happened to you, that experience will allow for more growth, which will also be illuminating. Yet, I’ve seen it create more stress than results at times. 

In this episode, I share three easy-to-apply steps to reboot and build your life with a deep sense of knowing and clarity. 

Remember, you are not just a passenger on these waves. You are the captain, the navigator of your life's journey.

Cherish the journey. Stay curious. Above all, be true to yourself. It’s your life, your co-creation. Embrace it with love and authenticity. 



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