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52. Empower The Root of Your Life

Uncategorized May 22, 2024

The root of you is the foundational power of your life. The root of you, think about that for a minute. Feel that out for a minute. Take a deep breath into your body, drop that mind of yours, and the energy of your breath down low and deep around your pelvic floor.

The core of your strength, the base of your self-esteem is in the root. If you're afraid in life, that energy, those thoughts, that vibration of thought rises and integrates into different areas of your body through your nervous system and into your beautiful brain, and it changes the way you behave, act, and be in the world. 

Today, we're going to take another look at the powerful energy at the base of your body. It’s the energy and consciousness that drives itself through your nervous system and allows you to either create or sit back and wait. 

Let’s not wait any longer. Listen in, and let’s be real and bold.


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