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51. How To Balance Your Empathy

Uncategorized May 15, 2024


Your empathy is amazing! When it’s understood and balanced, it can be a superpower. 

As you know, life’s surprises can throw us off. That’s growth, and growth is good.

When your empathic system is more balanced, you can feel an all-encompassing sensation within your body. There’s a sense of smoothness within you. You don’t feel overwhelmed as much, nor do you go into a state of overwhelm so quickly. 

Situations that arise offer a deeper understanding that illuminates the situation and your conscious mind. As a result, you are less judgmental and more self-aware. You can make decisions more quickly and be precise.

You discover more truth without the shadow of your ego or past traumatic experiences seeping in to influence your experiences. 

You’ll become clearer about what honors you and your desires and how to serve others better. 

In this episode of The Voice of Intuition Podcast, I’ll discuss your first level of empathy, what I call "Instinctual Empathy.”

It’s primal. It’s real. It can illuminate and/or put you in a state of worry and survival.

That is part of its protective nature, so survival fear, in this case, is not a bad thing. It can be a very good thing at the right time and place. Therein lies the gifted skill and the challenge. 

I’ll share some tips about moving your mind out of fear when your empathy overshoots the runway. These tips will help you move out of survival, which slows you down or can freeze you.

These tips will assist you in elevating self-awareness, awakening, and strengthening your emotional intelligence. 

These simple practices and mindsets help you manage and embrace the power of your empathy, even this primal aspect, with an enlightened mind and heart. 




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