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50. Does Presence Have a Shelf Life?

Uncategorized Oct 04, 2023

Welcome everyone to another episode of The Voice of Intuition Podcast. Today’s journey lightly pirouettes around the ember that is the present moment. 

As spiritual people, we seek the transcendent, sometimes pushing ourselves in practices - meditation, contemplations, and prayer in order to find those perfect moments of “I’m present.”  

Yet, being present is not a lush canopy, ever-so-delicate and ungraspably transient, inviting us into a dance of light and being. 

The question is, does your sense of presence have a shelf life? Is presence a state of luminescence that is fleeting? Let’s take a whimsical and practical exploration into our wild, untamed minds, unearthing this paradox: the endeavor to cage this fleeting sunbeam, to be ‘intentionally’ present. 

Ah, our exuberant minds, akin to a free-spirited butterfly, untethered through the fields of our consciousness, occasionally alighting upon a flower of thought, yet never lingering too long lest the present petals wither under the weight of purposeful focus

Oh MY!!!

Our thoughts cascade. They rumble, They roar. They whimper. They delight with awe. All are present. All are consciousness. All are you and me, being you and me. 

Your awareness of those unforced touches of attention is being present. That is when we can taste its seemingly elusive essence. Yet, you are often present to the fact that you are not being present — the paradox. 

May we embrace the practical effervescence of our minds and bask in each moment, neither clutching nor shying away, to dance, ever-so-lightly, with the enchanting spirit of now, which forever swirls within our tangible lives. 

Each embrace of the conscious mind is you being present.  


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