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49. What Draws Us To Different Places and Times [ENCORE]

Uncategorized Sep 13, 2023

In this episode, my sister, Dr. Christine, and I investigate why some of us become obsessed with learning about different places and times. 

When I died, I saw the life I had lived and viewed the life I would live. One of the lessons I learned was about Deja Vu. Listen in and discover the depth of what’s happening when you experience Daja Vu. 

As souls, we’re having an amazing human experience. Part of us, our soul self, still moves back and forth among the continuum of consciousness that exists on different planes.

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Show Highlights 

[01:03] My sister Christine and I discuss how we approach life.

[03:33] Christine asks, “Why are we so fascinated with a particular time in history?”

[05:28] What happens when our perception changes?

[06:29] How transcendence changes your entire world. 

[07:53] What I learned about myself when I died. 

[09:40] The significance of Deja Vu in your life. 

[12:56] How we connect with different beings on different planes of consciousness. 

[15:08] Experiences are transcendent. 

[16:43] Being open allows these feelings and experiences to rise within you.

[19:31] Christine’s visceral experience when she is in a place she has previously experienced before. 

[23:10] Places that Christine and I feel an attachment.  


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