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48. Heaven and Earth - Here and Now

Uncategorized Sep 06, 2023

In this episode of The Voice of Intuition Podcast, host Laura Alden Kamm shares her profound near-death (or death) experience and her transition from life to a heavenly state before her recovery. 

She emphasizes the significance of acknowledging the interconnectedness of your world and the spiritual dimension in your daily life. Laura encourages you to invite heavenly energy into your existence through practices like prayer and mindfulness, underscoring the ever-present nature of this connection and its potential for comfort and guidance. 

Additionally, she touches upon the presence of angels and loved ones during the transition to the afterlife, reinforcing the belief that you are never truly alone. This episode explores themes of personal spiritual awakening, unity, and how you can bring about the possibility of experiencing heavenly moments within your earthly existence. 

Download and listen today and feel the uplift we all so need in these times. 

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