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#43 How Life Unlocks Your Intuitive Power

Uncategorized Jul 19, 2023

In this episode of The Voice of Intuition Podcast, I share intimate details of an experience when life had cracked me wide open - literally, spiritually, and everything in-between. 

In this show, we’re talking about how life will definitely unlock your intuitive power, most likely when you least expect it.  What do you have inside to awaken and grow your gifts when life takes you on a growth spurt? 

We have enormous intuitive power, each and everyone of us. Yet, it’s not something we focus on or use day-to-day. Maybe we go deeper within our practice. Maybe not. 

Do you open up and align with your intuitive system during work? Or does your wisdom just show up here and there? Do you trust it?

Most of us are like this until life brings its version of a cosmic can opener. Then, wow! We become more open and align with our higher self in a profound way. Over time, we discover more and more of our higher self, and out divine nature becomes more defined within discovery. 

Along with our incredible soul, we have our intuition, which will always deliver the paths of our purpose(s).

Here’s to your courage, which allows your spiritual openings as they occur …  at any time, day or night. What a joy. What a ride. What blessings!  

A poem by Langston Hughes, which I felt connected with this episode’s message -- Life is Fine: 

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Open your Intuition, align with your conscious wisdom, transform your life and healing gifts … Soooo, let’s link up with more joy and gain the strategies and wisdom to guide us through. Let’s take on this life together!  

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