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#40 Freedom and Clarity with Intuitive Problem Solving - Part Two

Uncategorized Jun 14, 2023

While sitting outside a cafe, I had a cool experience which reminded me of the best way to approach the mind block I had in the moment. 

A young man said two words to me. Just two words and I was taken on a journey, reminding me how to meet and dance with my thoughts; to tango with my mind instead of tangle with it. How do you approach challenges and life in general? How do you greet, each side of the decision coin?

In this Episode, Part Two of Freedom and Clarity with Intuitive Problem Solving, we’re diving in again to fire up our inner power. 

Where do you feel your inner notions? What of part of your body feels the energy of a choice point first, second, third; or does the decision process become a whole body kerfuffle?

How do you combine your intuitive mind and critical thinking to unwind the tension of hesitation and choose. How quickly do you trust what you hear, feel, know or envision for yourself? 

Lean in and learn…

  • Learn to intuitively move your mind in and around a problem, listening to what the problem has to offer you — causes and solutions.  How to you really meet the energy of a challenge
  • Does your body open up or close in when a challenge comes calling
  • How to understand the difference between worry, fear, and the signal,  “it’s not time yet.”
  • How to maintain your personal vision in the midst of mental and emotional entanglement
  • Walking in tandem with your soul’s voice and critical thinking 

 Let’s do this … enjoy the show!




PS — If you haven’t listened to Part One, Episode #39, on Intuitive Problem solving, check it out. The show fires up your deeper inner knowing, perhaps crack, the veneer of fear a bit and regenerates truth once barricaded by fear.



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