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#39 Freedom and Clarity with Intuitive Problem Solving - Part One

Uncategorized Jun 07, 2023

In this Episode of  The Voice of Intuition Podcast we’re diving into our inner power of choice and intuitive decision making. 

We’re so creative and masterful. Really, we are. From simple questions to creating profound change in our lives, we know what to do. But…sometimes our signals get jammed and we do not like that at all! It drives us crazy and the narratives roll around in our mind. At other times, we are absolutely enchanted by the opportunity we find in front of us.

But, when we’re stuck, it’s hard. Darn hard! We doubt ourselves and struggle to make a decision for ourselves. It can be especially difficult if we’re charged with making decisions for those whom we hold a position of partnership, support, and care. 

If you need struggling a bit and find some answer, listen in. 

If need to chill out and get your head and heart more aligned in this season of your life, the link to purchase The Intuitive Wellness Collection is below. It will take you inside yourself, help release negative confusing energy, and escort you to serene worlds where answers are delivered with deep knowing. 

Enjoy the podcast! If you’ve already subscribed and left a comment, thank you. I really appreciate your feedback.

What you’ll hear and can put into practice…

  • Move beyond the pro and con list
  • Letting the answer come to you through your intuition and how you might experience it
  • Start trusting, even more, the internal signals you receive
  • And more….






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